Heirloom quality furniture, lighting and home accessories that pay homage to Swiss craftsmanship.

Founded in 2018 by Kevin Seitz and Rob van Wyen, New York based Studio Seitz is deeply connected to a place thousands of miles away: Switzerland. The studio’s award-winning products celebrate a lineage of Swiss artisans that dates back to 1795. Indeed, one of the workshops that makes products for the studio today is run by Thomas Seitz, a fifth generation craftsman from Berneck. Inspired by their family’s history and Switzerland’s traditions of precise craftsmanship and honest design, Studio Seitz has created a gorgeous collection of furniture, lighting and home accessories.

The designs have an heirloom quality characteristic of the handmade objects of the past while offering a fresh take on traditional designs. The founders also value upholding modernist principles and highlighting the pure beauty of natural materials. Many of the designs reimagine mundane objects with a playful or refined twist. Minimalist and timeless but full of character, each product pays homage to Swiss design and age-old craftsmanship. Studio Seitz also uses fine materials that complement the exquisite level of artisan skill required to create each product. Apart from European ash, the studio also uses natural cork, glass, and stoneware as well as aluminum and brass.

Close collaborations with family-run workshops in Switzerland.

The studio’s collection comes to life with the help of master artisans and workshops from different areas in Switzerland. For example, Adalbert Fässler – a sixth generation craftsman – produces metal ornaments and motifs according to ancient traditions. His workshop supplies the ornaments for the Kommode and the Bedside Table. Founded in 1888, the The Mätzler joinery company (now run by fourth generation craftsman Urs Mätzler) completes carpentry and joinery for the collection’s solid wood pieces. These include the aforementioned table and Kommode as well as the Stabellenstuhl and Stabellenbank – stool and bench, respectively. Based in Berneck, fifth generation craftsman Thomas Seitz uses precision machining for many of the studio’s designs.

The collection also includes a desk light, table light and pendant light with frosted layers of glass. Inspired by Swiss ceramics, the designs are both elegant and creative. Likewise, the Limen Teapot celebrates Swiss traditions. However, this ingenious product has a tilted design that references Chinese culture; more specifically, the act of tilting an empty teapot to politely ask for a refill.

The  Heritage Wall Mirror.

Now, Studio Seitz has introduced a brand new product that joins their timeless collection. Part of the Heritage line, the Heritage Wall Mirror has a distinctive silhouette inspired by a traditional Alpine milking pail. The design provides an imaginative take on a mundane item. The frame boasts sixteen geometric facets on the interior and a round shape on the exterior. A “belt” holds these elements together. Featuring individually carved, highly detailed, heritage Swiss patterns, the mirror is a beautiful example of “Schnitzerei”, a fading craft currently practiced by only a handful or artisans.

Crafted from locally sourced, FSC-certified solid European ash, the mirror’s quality build ensures it will stand the test of time. Studio Seitz offers the Heritage Wall Mirror in two versions: natural or ebonized ash. Like the other products from the collection, the mirror is produced by a workshop in the Alps. There, a master artisan turns each frame and carves the traditional Swiss motifs by hand. Photography© Studio Seitz.

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