A solid wood bathtub inspired by Japan’s traditional bathing rituals.

German brand MAOMI makes products that aim to optimize modern living spaces and bathrooms with a blend of minimal design and functionality. The brand also uses sustainable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods to bring the designs to life. The new Ofuro Japanese soaking tub made from wood is no exception. Like its name suggests (“ofuro” means “bath” or “private bath” in Japanese), the design takes inspiration from traditional bathtubs. Simple as well as versatile, Ofuro celebrates the bathing ritual that in Japan is seen as more than just a cleansing routine.

The design blends tradition and modernity. Crafted with a series of manual techniques, each Ofuro Japanese soaking tub features a cedar wood build and an elegantly curved shape. To make each product, artisans go through a series of steps; from selecting the right wood to measuring, sawing and assembling the pieces before adding the stainless steel hoops and joining the bottom and sides. After milling the bottom notch, the craftspeople also seal the bottom. The final step, of sanding the entire bathtub, takes many hours to achieve a perfect finish.

MAOMI collaborates with a carpentry workshop from the German Palatinate region to complete the production process. The workshop specializes in wine barrels and thus applies the same eco-friendly techniques to the manufacturing of each Ofuro bathtub. For example, the craftsmen use a blend of rye flour paste and reed leaf to finish this Japanese soaking tub made from wood. Ofuro has a low weight of 50 kg, or around 110 lbs, which makes it easier to move. The compact size also fits into smaller areas with ease. Furthermore, the design suits both indoor and outdoor use, making it perfect as a plunge pool for a sauna or as an outdoor hot tub in the summer. Photography© Kathrin Schwab.

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