A versatile design that celebrates aluminum and industrial production methods.

Created by research-based design studio FormaFantasma for furniture, lighting and home accessories brand Hem, the T Shelf is a great example of contemporary Italian design. Simple and elegant as well as highly versatile and practical, the shelving system has a conveniently modular design that opens up a huge range of configuration options. The Italian duo also designed the T Shelf as a celebration of industrial production methods. Crafted from extruded aluminum, the shelving has a slim silhouette with slender supports and thin but sturdy T-shaped shelves. An anodized finish gives an almost luminous accent to the design. Concealed hardware preserves the minimalist look of the shelving while also providing excellent support.

As ingenious as they are stylish, the units come together in modular compositions to create more compact or larger shelving systems. Hem produces the T Shelf in an impressive series of 12 models. Customers can select between narrow, medium, and wide units in low or tall heights. The design allows the creation of everything from a large bookshelf to a low shelving unit for a home office. Finally, the studio chose extruded aluminum specifically because it’s an easily recyclable material. As a result, the T Shelf is sustainably made and environmentally conscious. Photographs © Marco Cappelletti.

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