VELLO Unveils Cutting-Edge Urban Folding eBikes with Regenerative Braking at Milan Design Week Fuorisalone 2023

VELLO, the innovative bicycle company known for their exclusive design and signature folding mechanism, is proud to announce the launch of their new product, VELLO Bike+ GEARS, at Milan Design Week Fuorisalone on April 18th. The VELLO Bike+ electric bicycle range is built around the Zehus platform, a self-contained motor and battery integrated into a hub-based system, with Bike+ GEARS marking the first time a bike using Zehus has featured mechanical gears.

Innovative Regenerative Braking Technology

Zehus offers 250w of power, up to 40 Nm of torque, and unique regenerative braking K.E.R.S technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). By pedaling backwards, the motor switches to regenerative braking, with the energy generated being fed back to the battery to increase an already impressive 75 km range.

For the ultimate in versatility and gear range, the 3 gears derailleur can be paired with a Schlumpf Speed or Mountain Drive. This system doubles (2×3 gears) the effective gear range of the bike to 6 with a simple flick of the heel. Speed Drive offers a higher gear for those in flatter urban environments, while the Mountain Drive offers a super low alternative to the standard gearing, enough to get up 17% gradients without breaking a sweat.

The core of the mini velo bike remains the same as existing models. The Red Dot Design Award-winning frame features an elegant magnetic folding mechanism, capable of transforming from a compact, easily transportable package to a fully functional bike in less than 10 seconds.

The inaugural ride of the new VELLO model will take place on April 18th. The VELLO Bike Tour is for anyone interested in sustainable transportation and cutting-edge design. The tour will start at La Stazione delle Biciclette in Corso Lodi, 66, and will wind through Milan’s historic districts, including Brera, Navigli, and Porta Venezia. As they journey through the city, participants will be able to explore a selection of captivating pop-up exhibitions featured during Design Week. Furthermore, the tour will include a stop at Zehus, VELLO’s motor partner for the folding e-bikes, where participants will be able to discover Zehus’ KERS (Kinetic Energy Recuperation System) technology. The VELLO Bike Tour will close off with a party at La Stazione delle Bicicletta.

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