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Arid land, rolling sand dunes, cacti, shrubs, and Joshua trees surround modern desert homes to make them a part of wild nature. Designed both as shelters and as stylish retreats, these dwellings allow their inhabitants to live comfortably in the middle of picture perfect landscapes. Large windows frame the views and curate panoramas. Sunsets become an event, as the sandy, dry earth, and mountains seem to catch fire every evening. Often built at a distance from populated areas and street lighting, some of these houses offer the perfect opportunity to admire the greatest show on Earth: a twinkling starry sky.

Although they are as different as the topography of each site, virtually all of these modern desert homes have one thing in common. Their design draws inspiration from or pays homage to the surrounding nature. Translated into architectural language, the desire to anchor the dwelling into their context brings forth striking designs. Geometric shapes and asymmetrical volumes mirror the sandy dunes that rise and fall around these contemporary structures. Neutral and light hues blend the houses into the landscape, while natural and often locally sourced materials link the homes to their site.

Ingenious design and architectural decisions optimize these modern desert homes for the often harsh weather conditions in arid landscapes. Windows capture the views and the natural light, but have a deliberate orientation that minimizes heat during the day. Natural ventilation systems that make the most of the path of desert winds also allow the interiors to feel cool throughout the day. Sheltered outdoor areas provide a protected living space where the inhabitants can reconnect to the desert landscape they call home.

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