A futuristic scooter designed to electrify the new era of urban mobility.

Innovative, versatile, and subtly futuristic, the new BMW CE 04 electric scooter ushers in a new era of urban electro-mobility. The design aims to integrate seamlessly into modern lifestyles with a range of smart connectivity systems and practical feature. The scooter’s cutting-edge build and ingenious features influenced the aesthetics. For example, the slim energy storage unit and the compact drivetrain along with a low center of gravity and charging compartment that opens towards the side of the seat give the scooter a clean, minimalist and dynamic look. Angular forms also enhance the futuristic style of the design. Furthermore, the rear end boasts various exposed technological components in a nod to classic motorcycles. The scooter comes in two colorways: Style Avantgarde with Magellan Gray Metallic paint and orange accents and Light White with a clean dual tone design.

Created with urban mobility in mind, the BMW CE 04 scooter comes with a 42 hp electric motor that can reach a speed of 75 mph. The 8.9kWh battery has a range of 80 miles and charges at domestic sockets or through the BMW Wallbox. An optional quick charger can charge the battery from 0% to 80% in just over one hour. The scooter also comes with BMW Motorrad Connectivity and the BMW Motorrad Connected app, a 10.25” TFT split-screen display, and a compartment to store and charge smartphones securely. Apart from Automatic Stability Control and ABS as standard, the CE 04 also features various riding modes and LED lighting. Optional features range from seat heating and heated grips to extra storage space and eye-catching sticker sets. Launching in 2022, the BMW CE 04 electric scooter will have a base price of $11,795. Photographs© BMW Motorrad.

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