A practical and elegant storage system with seven stackable drawers.

Every home needs practical storage solutions, from shelving units to boxes, but Sutoa has a functional design that makes it invaluable in any living space. Created by Tokyo-based designer Keiji Ashizawa for Danish brand Frama, this storage system blends Japanese and Nordic minimalism. Sutoa means “to contain” in Japanese, and it’s certainly a well-chosen moniker for this function-focused storage unit. Sutoa comes with not one or two, but seven drawers in different sizes.

The largest one sits at the base, with the smaller shelf on top. As the drawers fit into one another perfectly thanks to the handy stackable design, storing this unit in a cupboard when not needed or in a car when moving house is extremely convenient. Plus, Sutoa comes with a slender steel frame that has a practical handle as well as two wheels for easy transportation – whether from one corner to another or from the bedroom to the living room. Apart from the durable steel frame, this storage system comes with solid wood drawers in a natural color. The design looks at home virtually anywhere and also suits a variety of spaces and uses. For example, it works perfectly in a bedroom, home office, or workshop. Frama offers the design in two versions: light Oak and darker brown Walnut. Photography© Frama.

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