Scents have the power to transport you to another place, whether it’s a forest landscape bathed in sunlight on a summer morning or a garden where flowers just start to bloom. Sometimes, a home fragrance has a nostalgic kick that can take you back in time; to a childhood home where floral notes mixed with spices; or to a happy memory of a family day spent at the beach with waves crashing on a sandy shore. The best home fragrances tell a story – whether it’s one you already know or a completely new tale that introduces you to perfumes from faraway places. We have selected some of the most beautiful and remarkable home scents you can buy, so you can transform your living spaces into a blissful sanctuary.


Giardino Segreto by Fornasetti

A beautifully scented home fragrance can also look like a decorative object. Case in point? The charming Giardino Segreto (Secret Garden) by Fornasetti. It features a detailed illustration with a nature theme: an owl perched among lush greenery in a classic garden where a balustrade appears here and there from behind the leaves. And the scent is just as gorgeous. It follows the same verdant theme with fresh notes of cypress, ivy, thyme, and cedar wood alongside maquis, vetiver, and labdanum fragrances.

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Riviera Candle by Stories of Italy

If you want to buy something more than a home scented candle, the Riviera Candle is perfect for you. This design from Stories of Italy’s Macchia su Macchia collection features a mouth-blown Murano glass container that you can use as a vase for small flowers or as a desk pen holder. Crafted by a master glass-maker from the Murano island, Venice, this charming candle boasts one-of-a-kind patterns created by melting colored glass flakes in up to five different layers. The candle also features Italian vegetable wax and 100% cotton wicks that minimize soot. Each candle burns for about 100 hours, but the Murano glass jar will last a lifetime.

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Le Labo Santal 26

Indulge your love of brutalist architecture and urban design with Santal 26 from Le Labo. This beautifully made candle impresses both with its handcrafted concrete vessel and with its scent. Like other candles from the brand, the Santal 26 candles feature a custom blend of waxes and premium quality fragrance oils as well as natural fiber wicks. Every candle is poured in the company’s own lab and every vessel is carefully handmade in the US. Plus, this candle comes with a handcrafted wooden crate inspired by traditional shipping crates.

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Western Red Cedar by P. F. Candle Co.

Light up Western Red Cedar by P. F. Candle Co., sit back, and reminisce about hiking on mountain trails as a cool breeze brings out the earthy fragrances of the forest and meadows. Perfect for those who are looking for home scents inspired by nature, this candle features clary sage, cedar, black pepper, and coriander notes. Like the best home fragrances, Western Red Cedar is all-natural. It features 100% soy wax as well as plant-derived fragrance oils and a cotton-core wick. Plus, every candle comes in a beautiful terracotta jar you can reuse as a plant pot or writing tool holder. Ideal for a desk or a side table, the candle has a burning time of 45-55 hours.

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Incausa for Still Set: Incense & Soap Refill

Made in a collaboration between Incausa and Brooklyn-based Still Design Lab, this incense and soap refill set offers the perfect solution to bring a relaxing feel into your home and bathroom. A great alternative to a spray home fragrance, the set features six incense sticks and a mini soap. Placed in an elegant white box with golden lettering, the Incausa for Still Set: Incense & Soap Refill is ideal as a gift – you won’t even have to buy wrapping paper.

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Byredo’s Bibliothèque Room Spray

Prefer home scents that have a floral or a fruity fragrance? Then you’ll like the Bibliothèque Room Spray from the Byredo home fragrance range. Why? Because it combines both of these perfume types into one complex, evocative scent. It boasts peach and plum top notes along with peony and violet heart notes and a base of vanilla and patchouli. One of the best home fragrances you can buy,  Bibliothèque comes with a stylish, oversized black glass bottle with a rounded lid. Apart from a gift box, the room spray also comes with two fragrance samples and free shipping in the US.

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Prolétaire by Cire Trudon

For the best home fragrances, you can’t go wrong with the oldest candle manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1643, French company Cire Trudon used to provide wax candles to the royal courts of Louis XIV and Louis XVI. Re-launched in 2006, the company now makes scented candles and home fragrances with the same dedication to premium quality. In an ironic twist, their Prolétaire candle celebrates Labor Day and the rights of workers, or the proletariat. It features notes of lily of the valley in a nod to the way seamstresses gave the flowers to workers on the 1st of May in early 20th century. Other notes include greenery, rose, and ylang-ylang as well as musk. Handmade in Tuscany, the glass has a shape reminiscent of champagne buckets.

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Bullshit by IIUVO

Created in a collaboration between artist Stefan Brüggemann and London-based fragrance brand IIUVO, the Bullshit candle offers a tongue in cheek take on pretentious and sometimes pointless concepts. It also aims to bring back the focus on the product instead of wallowing in superficial ideas. Wondering what this Bullshit smells like? Well, the candle builds up a perfumed story with a set of carefully chosen scents. This home fragrance has top notes of Sichuan pepper, grapefruit, and tangerine. For the heart, the team chose softer floral notes of lavender, rose, and lily of the valley. The base combines hints of musk and guaiac wood with vanilla and tonka bean. Finally, this candle has a burning time of 40 hours.

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1945 by Amoln

The best home fragrances smell divine but also have a story behind their concept. The 1945 candle by Amoln is a perfect example. A love letter to the father of one of Amoln’s founders, the candle translates happy memories into a lovely scent. From fresh herbs, Italian bergamot, oriental roses, and wild jasmine to sandalwood and cedar wood notes, this home fragrance pays homage to a doting father and a lifelong bond. Handmade in Sweden, the 1945 candle features a light blue color and boasts the brand’s subtle logo in relief on a white label.

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Quercus Candle by Penhaligon’s

With the Quercus Candle by Penhaligon’s you can immerse yourself into a forest setting on a summer day, without even leaving your living room. Designed with a citrus scent, this home fragrance is perfect to brighten a room’s mood. It features an invigorating range of notes that range from lime, lemon, and cardamom to jasmine. Made from natural soy wax, the candle ensures a clean, long burn. It also comes with a glass container, which means that you’ll be able to reuse it after you finish the candle.

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Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma

A home fragrance that draws inspiration from nature, Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma blends both floral and woody notes. The 180 ml diffuser has an elegant design and comes with several reeds. One of the best home fragrances in our list, it takes you on a journey through the Mediterranean. The scent starts off with delicate Italian bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit notes before revealing notes of pink pepper, fig nectar, and jasmine. At the base, hints of cedar wood combine with fig wood and resin.

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34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle by Diptyque

Made by French brand Diptyque to celebrate their 50th anniversary, 34 Boulevard Saint Germain is a beautifully scented candle with a green fragrance profile and spicy notes. Damp mosses and blackcurrant leaves combine with sun-dried fig leaves in a complex blend. Ideal for those who are looking for home scents and the best home fragrances with a fresh perfume. The candle comes in a handmade porcelain jar with an elegant oval shape and a relief design.

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Laurier 62 by Le Labo

Creating a perfectly balanced scent while juggling many ingredients is an art. Laurier 62 (with 62 carefully chosen ingredients) from Le Labo’s collection is a great example. Made by a brand that believes the world needs more “soulful fragrances”, the candle is as beautifully scented as it is skillfully made. Soy wax based and hand-poured in Mississippi, it features an array of premium ingredients and pure cotton wicks. Lighting Laurier 62 will infuse your home with laurel, eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary, clove, and cumin notes as well as hints of amber, patchouli, and sandalwood. One of the best home scents gifts, the candle comes with a customizable label.

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Lysning Vase Diffuser by Skandinavisk

Inspired by a forest clearing, this room diffuser from Skandinavisk offers a green twist on the best home fragrances. The name of Lysning means “forest glade” in Danish; a fitting choice, as this fragrance features earthy and herbal notes of moss, pine needles, lichen, and cloudberry. More than just one of the best home scents you can find, the diffuser comes with a mouth-blown glass vase you can reuse for flowers. This home fragrance features natural alcohol and perfume to provide optimal sent diffusion and will last for more than four months. Three reeds and a sealed refill bottle are also included.

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Aria Home Fragrance Diffuser by Dr. Vranjes Firenze

If you like light and fruity home scents, you’ll probably fall in love with Aria. This home fragrance diffuser from the Dr. Vranjes Firenze collection aims to recreate the perfume profile of flowers yet to bloom in the crisp morning air at the beginning of June. As a result, the fragrance boasts lovely notes of citrus, lemon blossom, and wild mint along with white musk notes. The fruity scent brings a feeling of relaxation and well-being into interiors, whether you want to use it in a bedroom, a living room, or a home office. Aria comes in four sizes which include a spray version, with refills also available.

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Prunus by Boy Smells

The best home fragrances surprise you with a lush blend of notes that take you from one place to another. Like this Prunus candle from Boy Smells. Made with a coconut and beeswax blend, it also has a braided cotton wick for a clean burn and comes in an elegant black glass tumbler. How about the scent? Well, those who prefer a fruity home fragrance will surely appreciate this candle’s combination of fig, Asian plum, yuzu, and vanilla with earthy oakmoss notes. Crafted in the US, the candle comes in a chic matte pink carton with an embossed design – perfect for a gift! The 8.5 oz version has a burning time of around 50 hours.

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Norden Idyllwild

If you’re looking for home scents with a woody, herbal fragrance, look no further than Norden Idyllwild. Part of the Norden collection, it draws inspiration from the dry, sandy landscape at the base of the San Jacinto range and the meadows that give way to cedar and pine trees. The candle has dry and woody notes that combine with earthy fragrances. Apart from Texas cedar wood and sagebrush, it also features vetiver and citrus notes. Hand-poured in California from coconut and apricot wax, the candle boasts 100% essential oils and comes in a hand-thrown stoneware container. With a burn time of around 80 hours, Norden Idyllwild offers the perfect solution to create a relaxing ambience reminiscent of a woodland.

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Rinse & Repeat Diffuser by Snowe

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with the Rinse & Repeat Diffuser from Snowe. Handmade in the US by skilled artisans, the diffuser features a custom fragrance blend created with essential oils. The refreshing scent combines floral and fresh notes, with Calla Lily, star anise, and dew drops alongside green leaves. The low profile, elegantly designed glass vessel has a matte white finish, to look at home in any bright bathroom space, and comes with color-coordinated reeds. A refill bottle of essential oils and 10 reeds are included with every diffuser.

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Lehua Honey by Makana

A celebration of Hawaiian landscapes, the Lehua Honey candle by Makana is as sweet as it is rich. It suffuses interiors with raw honey top notes, followed by wild flowers, lehua blossoms, mountain greenery, and finishes off with ylang ylang and subtle honeyed tobacco notes. Hand-poured in small batches, every candle features clean ingredients like 100% soy wax, a lead-free cotton wick, and phthalate-free fragrances combined with natural essential oils. Lehua Honey is both vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, it comes with a recycled glass vessel you can reuse as needed.

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Halló Iceland™ Volcanic Ash Candle by Kala Style

Take a trip to Iceland’s forests without stepping a foot outside your home by lighting this Halló Iceland™ Volcanic Ash Candle. Part of the Kala Style collection, the handcrafted candle is eco-friendly as well as beautifully made. It features sustainable, 100% GMO-free soy wax along with a natural cotton wick and a hand-painted glass vessel. As for the scent, it blends smoked woods and cedar leaf notes with birch and elemi oil. The candle burns cleanly and has a burn time of around 20 hours. After that, you can use the glass jar as a plant pot or storage for smaller items on a desk.

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Pot Pourri in Large Terracotta Jar

Established by Dominican monks in Florence in 1221 and opened to the public in the 1600s, Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. This means that any product you pick from their collection is skillfully crafted, so you can rest assured that these home scents are extra special. We have selected the Pot Pourri in Large Terracotta Jar, as it not only brings a bit of Italy into living spaces, but also comes with a charming – and reusable – ceramic vessel. The blend of flower petals, buds, and dry leaves will fill your home with the scents of Tuscany. Finally, the elegant ceramic jar has a classic shape and boasts the brand’s embossed logo at the top.

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Ginger and Sandalwood Scented Candle from Floris London

A home fragrance with an Oriental, woody twist, the limited-edition Ginger and Sandalwood Scented Candle from Floris London will make your home smell divine. The brand’s home scents are always delightful, and this candle is no exception. It features top notes of ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper, which develop into birch leaf and fresh eucalyptus notes. Earthy vetiver and patchouli scents then mix with sandalwood, amber, and leather. Like all the best home fragrances, this vegan friendly candle comes with a reusable container. More specifically, a beautifully made glass jar with a stylish logo engraving, a matte finish, and a heavy-weight lid.

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Canopy by Otherland

Bring the perfume of a summer day in a Californian garden into your home with the Canopy candle by Otherland. As lovely as it sounds, the candle blends California fig notes with ivy greens and fresh dew. It’s a perfect way to brighten a room and make it feel blissful and laid-back at the same time. In a similar way to other home scents from the brand, the fragrance was developed with master perfumers. Made in the US, the hand-poured candle features a combination of coconut and soy wax. Along with the candle itself, both the wick and the glass jar come from leading US manufacturers. Canopy is 8 oz and has a burn time of 55 hours.

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