As springs gets in full swing, the warmer weather transforms largely forgotten outdoor areas into an actual part of your home’s living spaces. Right about now, terraces and gardens start to become a great spot where you can relax, whether it’s for a morning coffee, an al fresco lunch, or a dinner with friends. Yet modern outdoor fireplaces or fire pits can make a backyard or patio your favorite lounge area.

On this page, you can browse through the best modern outdoor fireplaces, carefully selected to offer a blend of contemporary design and function. If you prefer a fire pit, we have included a few of them, too. Read on to discover the best design to make the most of your outdoor living spaces:


RB73 Quaruba L

The first product on our list of modern outdoor fireplaces draws inspiration from traditional wood-burning stoves, but it’s distinctly contemporary. Handmade in Holland from Corten steel, the RB73 fireplace range boasts an industrial-style look and a compact build. Quaruba L has a modular build and offers customization options with one and up to four glass panels available. A storage area offers plenty of space for logs, while practical wheels allow the user to easily move the fireplace. Finally, the Corten steel material makes Quaruba L extra-durable, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy your new outdoor fireplace for years to come.

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Zero by Ak47

Designed with a circular form, the Zero fire pit from Ak47 can easily become the focal point of a garden or terrace. Elegant and practical, this fire pit features a steel build, with supports elevating the round platform to protect wooden decks or tile flooring. The top doubles as seating, with the fire burning at the center. Storage space for wood logs completes the practical design. An ideal solution to create a cozy place in a garden while keeping your outdoor area looking stylish.

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Originally designed by Dominique Imbert in 1968, Focus Gyrofocus made waves as the world’s first suspended, rotating fireplace. Apart from their technological innovation, these modern outdoor fireplaces also re-defined the classic wood stove as a sleek, sophisticated design that could take pride of place in an elegant interior. Gyrofocus has a slender, rounded shape with a distinctive elongated opening. This suspended outdoor fireplace features a pivoting hearth, so you can position it just right to get warm and cozy while sipping a glass of wine with friends in the evening.

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Kamino Outdoor Fireplace

The Kamino Outdoor Fireplace is a great choice if you want to keep the chilly air at bay during spring or fall evenings, or if you need a fireplace to create a cozy campfire atmosphere during the summer. Designed with a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, the fireplace will add a stylish touch to your outdoor living space while making a terrace, garden or balcony more comfortable to use all year long. An optional grill adds more functionality to this minimalist cast iron fireplace.

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Modern and elegant, the Modfire fireplace has a sculptural presence that can make any outdoor space look more refined. This award-winning design draws inspiration from both industrial smoke stacks and 1960s-futurist rocket ship silhouettes. Safe to say, this outdoor fireplace will look like a decorative object even when it’s not in use. Apart from the eye-catching shape, Modfire is also compact and easy to move around a garden or terrace.

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Made by the Frederik Roijé studio, the Smokestack Fireplace has a distinctive design that will add an industrial accent to any outdoor space. Featuring an imposing silhouette, Smokestack references factory chimneys, creating a focal point with ease in a garden or on a terrace. The Corten steel material has a rusty brown color but the surface will patina further over time to offer extra protection against the elements. This fireplace also comes with a grill accessory which allows the user to prepare food while getting cozy by the fire.

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A perfect addition to our list of modern outdoor fireplaces. Following on the footsteps of Gyrofocus, Aeris is a suspended fireplace that complements a contemporary design with plenty of function. Hanging from a slender pole, the fireplace rotates on a 360° axis and it’s also height-adjustable. Thanks to the use of bio ethanol, Aeris doesn’t have a flue and doesn’t produce any smoke. Plus, not only is the stainless steel version perfect for the outdoors, but you can also use this cool fireplace as an ice cooler during hot summer days.

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Camp fire meets high-end design in the FireGlobe fire pit. Perfect for any outdoor area, this compact fire pit has a hemispherical shape that shelters the fire. The handle at the top makes transportation easy, while a loose grate offers optimal ventilation to keep the fire burning. Apart from a black finish that contrasts the brightness of the flames, FireGlobe also features three legs. These supports elevate the globe to keep grass, decking areas, or paved terraces safe from the heat.

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Garden Fire K60

If you love the industrial aesthetic AND minimalism, the Feu Jardin (Garden Fire) fireplace may be the perfect choice. Made by Belgian brand Tole, this fireplace blends high-end design with traditional craftsmanship and function. Few Jardin has a monolithic silhouette and a durable Corten steel and stainless steel build. It suits all outdoor spaces, from gardens to terraces and patios, and also comes with a range of accessories that include a grill and a wok support, among others.

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Minimalist design that maximizes visual impact. The Kodo outdoor fire pit acts as a frame for both the fire and the surrounding landscape, transforming your garden into a work of art. Made with a seamless Corten steel build, Kodo comes with a propane or natural gas burner with match-lit or electronic ignition. The fire burns across a wide strip, with topping options ranging from black lava and gray river pebbles to black crushed glass.

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Hooga Fire

The Hooga Fire goes where you need it to go thanks to its convenient wheels and heat-shielded handle. Like many other products on this modern outdoor fireplaces list, Hooga has a Corten steel build that extends the life of the fireplace. The patina protects the steel and makes it more durable while giving the surface a warm, rusty golden color. Other features of the Hooga Fire include a removable, two-way fire guard and a spark arrestor.

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Surprise by Rüegg

Giving a stylish nod to camp fires, the SURPRISE fireplace by Rüegg features glass ceramic panes that offer a great view of the flames while keeping the smoke and flying embers away from you and your guests. At the top, six grill plates provide a convenient solution to prepare grilled food while sitting around the fire. Easy to assemble, this multifunctional outdoor fireplace is made from Corten steel and boasts a versatile black finish.

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The ZIGZAG fire basket is more like a fire pit than a classic fireplace, but it’s just as effective in bringing people around a roaring fire. Designed by the Emiliana design studio, the fire basket features an aluminum build with a slatted frame. In a similar way to a camp fire, ZIGZAG allows the flames to dance freely, but keeps them neatly contained. Space for glasses and a practical cover complete the design.

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Finally, we’re ending our curated selection of modern outdoor fireplaces and fire pits with a fantastic design. While not available for purchase, Faro deserves a place on this list. Created by Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada in a collaboration with Rui Pereira, Faro aims to reconnect people and bring them together in the age of smartphones. The prototype draws inspiration from the traditional wood stove, but works with a modern eco-friendly burner. Faro features an iron support, a hammered copper bowl that holds the burner, and clay or perforated metal screens.

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