Set in a former parking garage in New York, the Hotel Americano embodies an industrial Manhattan appearance, but a warm Latin soul. The hotel is surrounded by contemporary art, as it is located in the heart of Chelsea’s art gallery district. The 56-room hotel features a variety of Mexican influence, including an outdoor rooftop pool, which is transformed into a hot tub during the winter. Along with Mexican culture, New York style is heavily prominent in not only the rooms, but also the overall ambience. Each room contains an iPad and shares recommendations on the best local restaurants, shops, and galleries.

The hotel is surrounded by contemporary art, as it is located in the heart of Chelsea’s art gallery district.

Paris-based interior designer Arnaud Montingy took the liberty of directing the design for the hotel and had a warmer approach to the interiors. All materials are natural, wooden platforms for beds, low lighting, and minimal walls, all accenting the overall neutral space. The Mexico City-based architect Enrique Norten transformed the entire exterior appearance by taking a former parking garage in Chelsea and converting it into a 10-story, metal wrapped boutique lodge, encompassing an industrial sophisticated presentation that faces to open a dynamic space.

The Hotel Americano works to provide a sense of relaxation, exploration, and getaway through its design, location, and service. Resting in the heart of a space that is jam-packed with art galleries, the modern design and cultural influence in the hotel helps to keep a composed balance for guests. Whether you’re a New York resident, or from out of state or overseas, Hotel Americano offers a sweet escape that caters to just about anyone.

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