The New 4th Dimension Concrete Watch by 22 Design Studio

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Shaped from the city of Taipei, 22 Design Studio’s 4th Dimension Watch is part of their jewelry and timepiece accessory collection, that draws from the most prevalent industrial material in the city, concrete. The exclusive clock face is made from concrete and encased in sapphire crystal, forming a durable Escher-esque twelve-stepped spiral staircase that denotes each hour. Reaching the concrete jungles from New York to Singapore, the endlessly spiraling staircases within such monumental sky-high structures relay a progressive iconicity of growth and expansion through the labored movements starting from one step at a time.

The exclusive clock face is made from concrete and encased in sapphire crystal, forming a durable Escher-esque twelve-stepped spiral staircase that denotes each hour.

Still, the 4th Dimension Watch presents a respite for stillness between each of its mini-platforms, cut to assume that the transitional plane breaks between each step provide analogous time for small breaks of relief and momentary intervals for reflection, as we try to get where we’re going. The 42mm wristwatch comes in three models, each with a 1-year warranty, the Original, Urban and Midnight. Each model varies the tan of its Italian leather band and the finish of its brass crown and hands. Given the weight of the compacted concrete face, the 4th Dimension Watch uses the Miyota GL36 Three Hands Quartz Movement model and has an accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month while worn under standard circumstances. Water resistance at up to 30 meters or 3atm, the wristwatch’s bezel is also brushed with an anti-corrosive and hypoallergenic medical grade stainless steel. Assembled with precision in Taiwan by master craftsmen, this mindful wristwatch provides a grounding influence for the ever-climbing urbanite. Order here

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