Modern candles inspired by the animal world.

Designed by UMÉ Studio co-founder Victor Lefebvre, the Tusk candles follow on the footsteps of the Erode collection. In a similar way to the organic soaps with shapes reminiscent of landscapes and mountain ranges, this line takes inspiration from nature. More specifically, from motifs like ivory tusks and fangs. The decorative candles also boast ridge patterns that give a beautiful texture to the smooth wax surface while also ensuring a slower burn. The simple but creative design provides an easy way to brighten a room and create a cozy atmosphere.

Handmade in Oakland, California, the Tusk Candle series features two sizes: small and medium. Both versions come in natural beeswax or black beeswax options. Apart from using only 100% beeswax, the studio also chose organic hemp for the wicks and organic coloring. The hand-cast candles are also unscented, making them a great choice for people with allergies to fragrances. Each candle comes in a set of two that comprises one small and one medium size. Customers can select between natural or black sets, or mix-and-match two sets to create an eye-catching composition on a table or a shelf. Find the Tusk Candle collection in the Gessato Design Store soon. Photographs© UMÉ Studio.