An innovative electric scooter concept with built-in LED lighting.

Designed by award-winning design practice Ma-De Studio, the Twin is an innovative electric scooter concept. The project follows on the footsteps of the Italian studio’s previous electric vehicle design, the Fiat 126 Vision. In this case, however, the team focused on creating a concept for a compact, modern, and ingenious electric scooter. Clean and minimalist, Twin features an eye-catching handlebar that also has a range of integrated lighting.

Apart from the 60 lumen LEDs that produce a bright light for the front light, the handlebar also boasts direction indicators on the sides. This design feature greatly improves the safety of the rider in traffic, especially in low lighting conditions. Likewise, the rear has a built-in taillight. While it improves safety, the red rear light also adds a dynamic accent to the design. The handlebar has a magnetic support that allows the rider to use a smartphone like a control unit for the electronics. Working with a dedicated app, the display provides info on anything from navigation to battery levels and speed. The studio also designed the electric scooter with a 350W motor that provides power to the front wheel. Elegantly simple but focused on safety and convenience, Twin is a clever urban mobility solution. Images © Ma-De Studio.

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