Italians do it better, Two Wheels

11F1 Porteur Duomatic by UCY

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It’s so easy to love a bike so beautiful. Delightful, charming, handsome the three wins that steal any heart….even for those at the Firenze Bicycle Film Festival where it was just featured last week.  So, go ahead and stare: UCY bicycles are used to it. This amazing model is the 11F1 Porteur Duomatic. Proud to mention it’s wicked fast sporting an F1 track steel frame, columbus cromor, fillet brazed with soldering and stainless steel details, finished in an acid treatment then coated twice with clear polish. A convenient, well-sized carrier secured to the front also hosts a spiffy stainless steel thermos attached by fine leather straps. Fancy the unique mustache handlebar shape finished in leather ends, which perfectly compliment the similarly colored saddle and wheels.

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