A minimalist vase collection inspired by water.

Believing that vases should not eclipse the beauty of flowers, Ukrainian designer Kateryna Sokolova created the Una vase series with a minimalist aesthetic. This collection aims to provide a complete solution to display any bouquets of flowers – large or small. Made by Danish brand Bolia, the elegantly simple vases have elongated and oval shapes or rounder silhouettes, with the former conveniently fitting into the latter for easy storage. Different in both height and width, the Una vases suit any types of flower displays, from single roses and a few flowers to large bouquets. “It is always a challenge to find a perfect vase for all types of bouquets. Vases are either too low for tall bouquets or too tall and narrow for lush bouquets,” says the designer.

The Una series explores the concept of a “vase in a vase” while offering an elegant way to display flowers. To design the collection, Kateryna Sokolova drew inspiration from water surfaces that can range from smooth and calm to bubbly. The understated vases have simple narrow or wide shapes with rounded forms and different surfaces. Apart from transparent, the series also features bubbled, grooved, or smoky gray glass. Each vase can be used either individually or in a set of vases with different sizes and textures. When not in use, the narrower vases fit perfectly into the wider ones to occupy less space in storage. Photographs© Bolia.

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