The Veark x Gøtz BK22 Bread Knife

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A versatile and beautifully designed bread knife crafted to last a lifetime.

Copenhagen-based kitchenware manufacturer Veark makes high-quality products that not only looks fantastic and offer excellent everyday performance, but also last a lifetime. The company developed one of its latest knife designs in a close partnership with chef and bread maker Jesper Gøtz. The collaboration didn’t come about only thanks to the food connection; rather, it came to be as the chef and the brand share the same philosophy of creating great food using only a few premium quality ingredients and tools. The Veark x Gøtz BK22 bread knife has a distinctive design but complements the rest of the company’s collection thanks to a couple of signature elements.

For example, the laser cut stainless steel blade features a sandblasted, matte finish that mirrors the Veark knife range. Crafted from natural birch wood, the handle will develop a gorgeous patina over time and with use. This means that every knife becomes truly one of a kind. At the end, the handle boasts a signature blue rivet made from the same material as Danish industrial chopping boards. While it holds the knife together, this blue accent also marks the BK22 as a veritable Veark design.

Streamlined and simple, the knife puts a focus on function with 6mm teeth that ensure a smooth cut. The German steel blade has a subtle curve to make cutting the bread as easy as possible. The rounded tip helps to avoid the blade getting stuck in bread, while a wooden detail offers extra support for the balancing finger. Made in Solingen, Germany, the BK22 bread knife costs around $110 and comes with worldwide free shipping. Photographs© Veark.

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