Siberia by Michael Turek

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A fascinating photo journey into one of the world’s most remote regions.

NYC-based freelance photographer Michael Turek shoots poetic, haunting, or subtly otherworldly photos, whether he completes documentary-style commissions or personal work. In Siberia, he uncovers the rugged wild beauty as well as the cities and towns of this remote region. While his interest in Russia was ignited during his childhood as the Cold War reached its end, this specific project came to life in 2016. That winter, the photographer joined British writer Sophy Roberts on her journey to discover a long-lost piano in Siberia. She published the non-fiction book The Lost Pianos of Siberia in 2020 in the UK, US, and Germany. After that first trip to the region in 2016, Michael Turek returned another five times; eventually, he explored the expanse of Siberian land from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

The stunning photos offer a glimpse into Siberia’s contradictions and contrasts; from untouched landscapes to its abandoned towns and gleaming new cities. The images also show snapshots of the lives of both indigenous people and modern Russians. Throughout the book, the photographer captures a certain tranquility, whether he presents a breathtaking wild landscape, a rural scene, or an urban setting. Published by Damiani, Siberia features 90 gorgeous photographs shot on Kodak Portra 400 film and an introduction by Sophy Roberts. You can buy the book directly from the photographer’s website for $55. A must-have for travel and nature photography fans as well as people fascinated by Siberia’s wilderness and culture. Photographs© Michael Turek.

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