The Veles Natural, All-Purpose Cleaner

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A natural, all-purpose cleaner made from food waste.

Currently, you can easily find all-purpose cleaners made with natural formulas, without chemicals, or any harmful ingredients. You can even find subscription services for cleaning, soaps, or skincare products to help you reduce plastic waste. However, Veles takes sustainability to a whole new level. Made from food waste, this natural, bio household cleaner provides a clean and environmentally responsible way to keep your house sparkling clean. The closed-loop manufacturing process not only helps to reduce greenhouse emissions by stopping waste from reaching landfills, but also simplifies the supply and production chain to reduce the products’ carbon footprint.

The specially developed bio formula features water reclaimed from food waste as well as catalysts isolated from organic compounds. The formula also provides great results, as it dissolves dirt and grease with ease. Veles tested their all-purpose cleaner on various types of surfaces, including ceramics, chrome, stainless steel, glass, fiberglass, and plastic. For marble, wood, and laminate customers can test the cleaner on hidden areas. Finally, the Veles all-purpose cleaner smells great. It features either lavender sourced from Bulgaria, peppermint from India, or cold-pressed bergamot from Italy.

Veles offers the cleaner in a reusable aluminum bottle. A subscription service allows users to refill their bottle when and as needed. The refills come in amber-colored glass bottles with metal caps and paper labels, making them 100% recyclable. Alternatively, customers can easily reuse them.

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