An all-glass table lamp inspired by snow and winter.

From table and floor lamps, lighting can significantly alter the way a room looks and feels. This design is a great example. Created by Danish designer Signe Hytte for Mazo, Yuki is an elegant and poetic table lamp that brightens living spaces with its delicate yet strong presence. Inspired by winter and the first snow, the lamp looks fragile and solid at the same time. It boasts a cylindrical base and a curved shade that seems to delicately fall like a fabric over the rounded support.

“Yuki is the Japanese word for snow, and for me, the lamp contains at once something fragile and solid, which recalls winter and its delicate atmosphere. Like freshly fallen snow, the lamp is clean, quiet, and strong at the same time, and the monochrome glass highlights the form and material in an almost poetic way,” says Signe Hytte. Crafted entirely from glass, the lamp illuminates spaces not only from its shade, but also from the base. As a result, it doubles as a bold decorative object, especially in the evening and at night. Mazo offers the Yuki lamp in Opal White, Blue, and Olive colors. While the opal white version is monochrome, the other two have a more eye-catching two-tone design with the white shade complementing the colorful base. Photographs © Mazo.

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