Concrete pens and pencils inspired by béton brut architecture.

Taiwan-based 22Studio designs concrete writing tools and accessories inspired by brutalist architecture. From concrete pens with carved contours to watches designed with staircase-like dials, their products are both minimal and striking. Renowned museums that have included the studio’s products in their gift shops include MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Foundation Louis Vuitton. The latest collection brings another dimension to the concrete writing tool concept. Named the Module Series, these concrete pens, mechanical pens, and pencils reference both béton brut (“raw concrete”) architecture and construction techniques.

More than any other 22Design product, this series pays homage to architecture. For one, the concrete pens and pencils feature lines and holes that reference the concrete plate building method. Here, the miniaturized elements recreate the dividing lines and drilling holes that mark large-scale structures. The distinctive shape of the writing tools also references another construction technique. The “fusiform” or spindle shape gives a nod to the tradition of building curved forms with flat geometric planes. To achieve this shape, the studio made custom stainless steel caps using a manual method that is both complex and time-consuming. A proprietary concrete curing technique that takes 14 days to complete gives the products extra durability and texture.

Keeping true to the raw concrete concept, the Module concrete pens and pencils have an unfinished surface that highlights every mark and line. With use, the edges that mark the joints of the concrete plates will soften and darken slightly. Similarly to other 22Studio products, this collection features Schmidt Technology parts made from corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel. The Module Series comprises the Module Fountain Pen, Module Rollerball Pen, and Module Mechanical Pencil. Made from high-density concrete and stainless steel, they come in two versions: Original or Dark Gray. Photography © 22 Design Studio.

Module Rollerball Pen

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