The Air Co. Eco Friendly Vodka

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The world’s first eco friendly vodka made from air and water.

Launched by Brooklyn-based company Air Co., this vodka re-writes the rules of alcohol production with an environmentally conscious twist that draws inspiration from natural photosynthesis. The word’s first eco friendly vodka made from air, Air Co.’s first product uses an innovative method to extract carbon dioxide and convert it into ethanol. The other ingredient is water. Throughout the manufacturing cycle, each bottle removes up to one pound of carbon dioxide from the air. More specifically, from factories in NYC. It’s a stark contrast to the industry standard, as producing one vodka bottle creates 13 pounds of greenhouse gases.

The Air Co. eco friendly vodka doesn’t use grains in the fermentation process, which means that they can bypass the farming stage altogether. Furthermore, the brand uses solar energy in the production process to ensure the vodka has a negative carbon footprint. Apart from taking these steps, Air Co. also made sure their packaging meets the green standards set by the product’s concept. The label features a custom adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue behind, making reusing the bottle as easy as possible. Finally, the vodka looks more stylish than your average drink. Designer Joe Doucet and branding agency Mythology designed a clean, elegant logo and label. This eco friendly vodka has a price of $64 per 750 ml bottle; the company plans to expand the distribution from local restaurants and bars to retailers later in 2020. Photographs© Air Co.

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