Minimalist designs enriched with carefully chosen colors.

Founded by sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer, who both have backgrounds in visual arts and architecture, Atelier Areti is an interdisciplinary design studio that explores the spatial dynamic of objects and their sculptural qualities. The sisters’ international background also informs the studio’s work. Developed across Italy and the UK, the Atelier Areti products come to life throughout Europe, depending on the material. For example, the lighting is made in Germany while stone pieces are crafted from locally sourced stone in Italy and Greece and wooden objects are produced in central European countries where sustainably managed forests grow. Highly skilled craftsmanship and cutting edge technology come together in a custom manufacturing process that optimizes quality. Furthermore, the designers favor the use of noble materials that age well and develop a richer character over time.

“We strive to develop something new and beautiful through our work. We are driven by curiosity and the desire to explore works that touch us on a deeper, direct emotional level as well engage us in a more conscious conceptual way,” say Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer. The Elements collection also brings bold colors to the studio’s work, for the first time.

A masterful use of color that strengthens minimalist designs.

Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer spent two years looking for the best hues and color combinations for the series. And the results impress. The range explores the concept of using color to add a new design dimension to an object. The minimalist forms with clean lines and simple rounded shapes allowed the design duo to use vibrant accents as elements that don’t distract but rather strengthen the compositions.

Elements comprises a wide range of lighting designs, from table and floor lamps to pendants and wall-mounted sconces. All of them give a sculptural take on the three parts of a classic lamp: the base, the arm, and the light. The collection also highlights the beauty of geometric purity and a masterful use of color. Atelier Areti launched the Elements collection in Milan, at the H + O Apartment Gallery in the Inside Looking Out exhibition. You can discover the entire range in the studio’s online store, with more info, color options, and prices available soon. Photographs © Atelier Areti.

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