Aska, A Two Michelin-Starred Gem in Brooklyn, NYC

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Inspired by the relationship between man and nature, Aska serves spectacular dishes with Nordic influences.

Born in Stockholm, Fredrik Berselius spent his childhood in the Swedish countryside where he developed his strong connection to nature and love of natural ingredients. After moving to New York City in 2000, he worked at several restaurants, including the famous Aquavit. In 2012, he opened the pop-up restaurant Frej with chef Richard Kuo before changing the name to Aska, or “Ashes” in Swedish. Within a year, Aska received a Michelin star, but Berselius closed the restaurant temporarily to move to a larger space.

Aska reopened its doors in 2016 in a restored, two-level 1860s warehouse close to the edge of Williamsburg Bridge. Within months, it received a coveted second Michelin star. A glowing three star review in The New York Times soon followed. In 2018, Berselius launched the Aska cookbook with Phaidon.

Inspired by nature and Nordic cuisines as well as New York, Aska’s menu offers a distinctive fine dining experience. Ingredients come primarily from the Northeastern region of the US, with some notable exceptions like Finnish caviar. The 12-course tasting menu takes guests through Northeastern landscapes flavored with earthy Nordic influences. Dishes include lamb heart ashes served with celery root cream, sea oak served with an emulsion of blue mussels, or birch wood ice cream served with mushrooms. The bar area offers a range of shareable dishes, which customers can enjoy either inside or in the restaurant’s garden.

Completed by Byblack NYC, the interior mirrors the menu’s focus on bringing together simple, rustic elements to create something sophisticated. The restaurant features 10 tables, wooden floors and exposed brick walls, overhead lighting that creates an intimate atmosphere, as well as raw finishes inspired by the Brooklyn setting. Photographs© Aska.

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Aska Cookbook

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