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Beach Hotel in Odessa

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A spectacular guest suite imagined for a beach retreat in Odessa, Ukraine.

With the 2020 pandemic putting much of normal life on hold, architects and designers have began publishing their work as renderings of currently paused projects. Designed by Alexey Gulesha of Sivak+Partners, Beach Hotel in Odessa is the epitome of an inspiring retreat. The studio’s renderings show the first guest suite designed for the large boutique hotel. Inspired by 1980s James Bond movies, the suite also features the designer’s exploration of “tactile contrast” in specially chosen furniture, accessories, and surfaces. The minimalist space is airy and serene as well as sophisticated. Contrasting textures abound, from the smooth concrete flooring to the plush rug and solid rock wall in the work area.

The designer also wanted to convey the idea that materials may feel differently from what they appear. For example, the Cini Boeri glass armchairs may look cold at a glance, but touching and actually lounging in them reveals an almost soft surface and ergonomic silhouette that enhances seating comfort. The bathtub draws inspiration from natural hot springs and seems to rise from the flooring. Nearby, the smart glass wall that divides the bath from the toilets turns opaque when someone enters that space.

For the work area, the designer kept things simple to encourage guests to spend more time relaxing on the beach. A simple steel table and a wooden chair provide a comfortable work space, while the rock wall features a shelf area for books. This area also creates a dialogue between sleek technology and raw nature. In the lounge, a minimalist floor lamp illuminates rounded sofas and a futuristic curved table. A large artwork on the wall boasts a stone texture pattern in a soft pink color. A curved, glazed wall provides uninterrupted views of the Black Sea. Images© Sivak+Partners.

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