The Specialized Turbo Como SL E-Bike

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An electric bike designed to make the most challenging urban routes fun.

Well-known bike manufacturer Specialized has recently added a new bike to the popular Turbo lineup. Named Turbo Como SL, this electric bike is specially designed to handle even the most challenging of urban routes and to make every ride – whether to work or for leisure – more fun. The bike comes with a lightweight aluminum frame, fork, handlebar, and seat post. Thanks to the Specialized Super Light System motor, Como SL provides natural assistance to every bike ride. Users can select between three modes: Eco, Sport, and Turbo. Depending on their choice, they can receive assistance for up to 93 miles or 37 miles with a maximum assist of 25kph. The modes adjust to the users’ riding style and speed to deliver power smoothly.

While the bike is extremely lightweight and nimble, it can carry up to twice its own weight. At the front, it features an integrated basket that can hold up to 33 lbs of groceries, while at the back it has a rear rack for two panniers with a capacity of up to 44 lbs. More than just a fast and smooth electric bike, the Como SL is also made for all seasons. The internal gear hub keeps the most important components safe from the elements. Built-in DRYTECH fenders deflect any mud and dirt away from the rider. Both the Nimbus tires and the powerful brakes bring peace of mind that the bike remains stable even on slippery road surfaces. The integrated ultra-bright lights powered by the battery stay on at all times while riding.

With the optional belt drive, the users can also easily minimize maintenance. Other features include a built-in lift handle for easy maneuvering and compatibility with the Specialized SL Range-Extender Battery. Finally, the custom app allows the user to connect the bike to a smartphone and enter the route, distance, or time, diagnose service needs or record ride info. The Specialized Turbo Como SL comes in two versions, 5.0 and 4.0, available at $4,800 and $4,000, respectively. Photography© Specialized.

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