Meet Scotland’s first biodynamic whisky.

Biodynamic farming, much like organic farming, focuses on keeping produce and nature in balance. However, biodynamic farming takes this concept even further with special methods aimed at repairing and enhancing the soil while also nurturing the organisms that live above, in and under it. This system of farming also extracts significantly more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it produces, making it even greener. The Bruichladdich Distillery used these principles to launch the Scotland’s first biodynamic whisky.

A distillery dedicated to sustainability.

It’s not surprising that this Scottish distillery took the lead in a pioneering area. Dedicated to sustainable farming and distilling practices, the company believes that “whisky is agriculture” and acts like it. This includes sourcing ingredients from organic and biodynamic farms and working to protect the earth in more ways than one. For example, the distillery has received a grant to implement an innovative hydrogen combustion technology that would help the company make the distillation process completely carbon neutral in the near future.

Keeping all this in mind, it’s easy to see how Bruichladdich Distillery became the first distillery to launch a Scotch whisky that follows biodynamic principles. Named The Biodynamic Project, this is the second experimental small-batch to come out of the distillery’s gates. To create this biodynamic whisky, the distillery sourced biodynamic barley grown by farmer Richard Gantlett on his carbon-negative Yatesbury House Farm. Harvested in 2010, the barley was used to distill the whisky in 2011. The unpeated spirit then went into first-fill, ex-American oak whiskey casks where it remained for 10 years to age. This is the first biodynamic whisky from Scotland to receive the Biodynamic Federation’s Demeter logo.

Scotch whisky that’s bursting with flavor.

Bottled at 50% abv using Islay spring water, this biodynamic whisky has a pale gold color and a rich flavor profile. The nose notes include ripe peach, dried apricot, Turkish delight, brown sugar, vanilla custard, and candied orange. Wait a bit, and you can also smell hints of apple, poached pears and syrup. Likewise, the taste notes are sweet and fruity with vanilla, peaches, caramel, and oak flavors. Adding water highlights some subtle notes of rose, geranium and honeysuckle. The finish notes include citrus and toffee as well as marine air and malt sugar.

Launched in a limited, small-batch series of only 5,000 bottles, this biodynamic whisky is available exclusively online from Bruichladdich Distillery. The bottles also come in greener packaging, as the company eliminated secondary packaging. One bottle costs £100, which is around $130. And we have some good news. The distillery ships worldwide to select countries and to 21 states within the USA. Photography© Bruichladdich Distillery.

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