A revived version of the 1970s Mono Clip series, paired with an elegant leather case.

German brand Mono has launched many iconic products over the years. The kind of designs that are used everyday in family kitchens but are also included in the permanent collections of museums like MoMA, the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Among these designs we need to name the Mono-A and the Mono Ring collections as well as the Mono Clip series of picnic essentials. Launched in the 1970s, Mono Clip became known as “picnic flatware” thanks to its practical design that “stacked” neatly to occupy minimal space. Designed by Peter Raacke, the collection looks as fresh now as it did in 1972. Now, Mono has revived the design as part of a set that refines the picnic essentials concept.

The idea to create the set came to Munich-based designer and artist Ayzit Bostan and PB 0110 founder Philipp Bree in early 2021. During another wave in the pandemic, the two talked about feeling a longing for the scent of spring. They decided to create a set of picnic flatware with a complementing case. A conversation with Wilhelm Seibel, the fifth generation to run Mono, soon followed. And the result? The team decided to use the Mono Clip design for a sustainable version of a picnic set. Named Mono Clip PB 0110, the set comprises three Mono Clip pieces and a vegetable-tanned leather bag designed by Ayzit Bostan.

Practical but elegant design meets traditional craftsmanship.

The curved lines and flat silhouette of the picnic essentials knife, fork, and table spoon remain as elegant as ever. They feature subtle recessed grips for more comfort, but this detail also makes them easy to store. Made from 1.25mm stainless steel, the flatware is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. The knife boasts a saw blade on one side and a smooth one on the other. This means that it can spread butter as well as cut crusty bread. Like other PB 0110 leather products, the wrap-around case is handmade in a family-run factory in the Czech Republic. Sourced from a Belgian tannery that has been operating for over 170 years, the vegetable-tanned leather is soft and durable. The three pieces fit into pockets inside the case, which then closes neatly with covered buttons. Finally, this set of picnic essentials also comes with a half linen napkin. Available now on the Mono website at a price of €179, or around $200, this set is also available in stores across Europe and the US. Photography© Mono.

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