The production-ready B1 all-electric sport truck is here.

Michigan-based Bollinger Motors introduced the B1 electric truck concept a couple of years ago, to the excitement of electric car enthusiasts around the US. Now, the company has revealed the production-intent design. While it keeps it clean, boxy silhouette intact, the electric B1 sport utility truck features a range of improvements from its previous model. The team raised the beltline of the truck to provide more space for components under the front trunk and to also elevate the head clearance. This change also lead to the truck having a more sturdy and stable look.

Thanks to a breakthrough, the radiator size has shrunk while the slim cooling unit now receives a better airflow. As a result, the top mounted radiators are gone and the frunk is much wider. The headlights now match the rear lights to create a more symmetric design. As the B-pillar has moved forward, the cabin has better ingress and regress for the rear passengers. Apart from switching to lighter, manual crank windows, the team also installed a taller windshield, side glass, and rear glass. This upgrade offers more head clearance and also improves the proportions of the exterior.

Designed to look fantastic on and off-road and to provide excellent performance, the electric B1 truck impresses with its specs. It comes with one front and one rear motor, to offer a jaw-dropping 614 hp and 668 lb-ft of torque. The battery has an estimated range of 200 miles; it can charge fully in 75 minutes with the DC Fast system or in 10 hours at 220v. Other features include the 15’’ ground clearance, 5,200 lb payload capacity, and 7,500 lb towing capacity as well as the removable glass and roof panels, Bluetooth technology, and more. You can reserve your very own Bollinger B1 all-electric sport utility truck on the company’s website, with a $1,000 deposit. Photographs© Bollinger Motors.

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