A portable coffee brewer that can make cold or hot coffee in under two minutes.

Developed by a California-based team and designers and engineers who love coffee, Osma is an innovative coffee brewer. Apart from its conveniently portable design, Osma is also fast – it can brew cold or hot coffee in under two minutes thanks to a patent-pending brewing system. Using osmosis and microcavitation, this brewer extracts the compounds that give coffee its flavorful aromas. This ingenious brewing system that uses immersion, pressure, and water circulation requires only 1-2 minutes to make a great cup of coffee, whether you prefer cold-brewed or hot coffee.

To use, you only need to add cold or hot water to Osma, along with the brand’s biodegradable pods. As the device drives the water up and down with a battery-powered electric pump, it amplifies the coffee flavors. The user can adjust the flow to a continuous or an intermittent rhythm with the dedicated app and a smartphone. A fully charged battery means that Osma can complete 20 brewing cycles.

Apart from this handy device, the company also offers biodegradable coffee pods made in a collaboration with San Jose-based Chromatic Coffee. The pods come with a custom blend of Chromatic coffee beans. However, customers can also order empty pods to fill at home with their own coffee. Made in Saratoga, the biodegradable FSC-certified sugarcane fiber pods can be recycled or used as garden compost.

While originally designed with coffee in mind, Osma can also brew tea. Users can fill empty pods with their favorite tea, but the brand also plans to launch a collection of tea pods in the coming months. Assembled by hand in Fremont, Osma features an aluminum, zinc and BPA-free PETG build. It has a capacity of 6 oz and a weight of 1.5 lbs. Priced at $185, Osma comes with 12 pre-filled pods with Chromatic roasted coffee. Photographs© Osma.

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