An award-winning, lightweight and compact headlamp specially designed to keep runners safe.

Stockholm-based brand Bookman aims to improve the safety of cyclists, runners, and pedestrians alike with a collection of products that keep function and minimalist style in balance. Company founders David Axelsson and Victor Kabo first met at university. There, they realized that hardly anyone on campus was using adequate bike lights, which led them to organize a campaign to provide free bike lights, a campaign that gained nation-wide attention. In 2011, they established Bookman following the mantra “safety doesn’t have to be boring” while also focusing on sustainability. Soon, their designs caught the attention of brands and institutions like MoMA, Selfridges, and Colette. Made with a blend of innovative technology and Scandinavian design principles, Bookman products also give a nod to the heritage of Swedish safety-conscious companies. Monocle is no exception

Specially designed for runners, the Monocle headlamp is both lightweight and stylish. The design has won the prestigious German Design Award 2022. Compact yet high-performance, the headlamp comes with a rechargeable battery and illuminates with up to 225 lumens. The user can select between different modes, including a focus beam pattern. The small size combines with the low weight to minimize bouncing while running. A stepless angle adjustment system makes focusing the light as easy as possible. An adjustable strap ensures that the user can easily find the perfect fit while an oversized button makes handling easy, even with gloves. However, a locking mechanism ensures that the light stays off in a bag.

Monocle has three modes, of 100% at 225 lumens, 50% at 110 lumens and 15% at 35 lumens. As for the running time, the light lasts for 10 hours on the lowest setting and 1.5 hours on the highest. Finally, the user can charge the headlamp with a micro-USB cable. The Monocle headlamp comes in Black, SandGray and Green colors. Photography © Bookman.

Bookman Monocle

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