A refined and creative suspension lamp inspired by the late 1960s.

Since 1950, Venice-based Lodes (formerly known as Studio Italia Design) has been producing elegant lighting that blends innovation and high-end design. Their collection includes everything from pendant lights and desk lamps to wall and floor lamps. The designs pay homage to the architecture of Venice and the art of traditional glassblowing. At the same time, they incorporate elements that remind of the city’s long trading history and cultural richness. To celebrate their 70th anniversary, the brand has launched a refined but bold suspension lamp. Designed by Luca Nichetto, Lodes’ Design Curator, Jefferson is a crystal suspension lamp that draws inspiration from the psychedelic artworks and the counterculture of the late 1960s.

The spherical fixture boasts a vortex-like pattern made with a special pressing technique. This method imprints detailed lines on the smooth crystal surface. When the light illuminates the glass from within, the undulating pattern almost seems to spin. A thin but extra-strong cable with a Kevlar reinforcement suspends the fixture and helps to diffuse the light. Jefferson comes in various sizes, including a mini version that puts together two elliptic glass diffusers on a black chrome frame. Users can also cluster pendants of different sizes to enhance the kaleidoscopic effect of the design. The light comes with a 3 Watt LED with a 90 Color Rendering Index for an accurate color representation. Distributed exclusively in the US through JB Lighting Collection, the Jefferson light represents the essence of Italian design. Photographs© Lodes.

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