Casa Barthel Italy

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A dream vacation destination, Casa Barthel Italy by Riccardo Barthel is a splendid community in Tuscany housed in a big compound with a large courtyard, a huge stone villa, six fully furnished cottages, and a marvelous tree house rental surrounded by olive trees. Ideally located in a pristine setting, the small community is merely 20 minutes from the Florence Duomo. Fall in love with nature and enjoy an idyllic holiday atmosphere like none other!

Climbing up the tree house is a beguiling experience, with natural splendor opening its arms to welcome you. An architect’s masterpiece, the lavish tree house is a beautifully decked bedroom for two persons, offering spectacular views of the pristine landscape teeming with pine trees. The air-conditioned room is fully furnished with a queen sized bed, a spick and span bathroom, a small kitchenette, an outdoor terrace, a built-in fireplace, and a kitchen garden, making it an idyllic holiday destination set amid charming olive trees.

Blending harmoniously with nature, the tree house vacation rental in Tuscan, Italy, offers the most relaxing yet thrilling experience of living in the lap of nature away from the daily grind. A great getaway from the hustle-bustle of daily life, the tree house harmoniously blends natural ambience with modern amenities to offer visitors lifetime memories to cherish.

Casa Barthel Italy: The Three Sisters

CERAMIChouse is named after the 18th century handcrafted tiles from southern Italy that splendidly decorate its walls. You will instantly fall in love with its ambience and glory.

Displaying an agriculture manual from the 1930s era, the FARMERShouse is a splendor of its own furnished with all facilities that promise you home-like comforts.

For those in love with art, the COFFEEhouse is an artist residency with a charm of its own, decked with posters of Amos Kennedy – an Alabama artist known for his naughty sense of humor and justice.

Also known as three sisters, each of these tree houses in Italy can be connected to turn the setting into a lavish room that can host six people together.



Elda Bellone is a very talented Italian architect and industrial designer who’s always been actively involved in studying, investigating and developing innovative approaches to both function and form. Elda is passionate about all the different languages of art, looking for new influences and interchanges she aims to extend and enrich the meaning of the many possibilities to conceive objects, beyond the conventional definitions.

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