Elda Bellone is a very talented Italian architect and industrial designer who’s always been actively involved in studying, investigating and developing innovative approaches to both function and form. Elda is passionate about all the different languages of art, looking for new influences and interchanges she aims to extend and enrich the meaning of the many possibilities to conceive objects, beyond the conventional definitions.


  • The Ultimate Indoor Pool Inspiration

    Prestigious architecture firm act_romegialli recently completed the exceptional “La piscina del roccolo” project in Italy….

  • Out of the Valley Cabin

    Nestled in the Teign Valley on the north edge of Dartmoor, the Out of the…

  • Ecocapsule

    The Ecocapsule is an exciting new approach to the trendy tiny house. Slovakian firm Nice…

  • In Suspension by Naturehumaine

    Naturehumaine’s recently completed redesign of a single family home in Montreal creates a dynamic space…

  • D’Hauteville Concrete Chair

    The extraordinary D’Hauteville seating rethinks classic mid-century chair design with a contemporary industrial sensibility. Designed…

  • Manual Coffeemaker No1

    Manual Coffeemaker No1 is a pour-over coffeemaker that combines the state-of-the-art with a return to…

  • G-Rough Hotel, Rome, Italy

    Lovers of retro Italian design have a new treat awaiting them in Rome. The new…

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