A practical, natural wood folding chair.

Designed by Cologne-based design studio Kaschkasch for Swedish brand Karl Andersson & Söner, Colo is a versatile chair created with both comfort and flexibility in mind. The name pays homage to the city of Cologne, Germany. Stylish and innovative, this natural wood folding chair features elegant lines and an ingenious build. The studio designed it with a compression-pressed wooden seat that links all of the supporting elements of the wood frame. The seat features subtle curves and provides excellent comfort, even without padding. Apart from plywood seat and backrest, Colo comes with a solid wood frame and stainless steel hardware.

This natural wood folding chair suits residential, commercial, hospitality, and office settings, from restaurants and conference rooms to cafés, lunchrooms, and canteens. In the home, it can serve as an extra chair at a dining table or in a lounge space. When not in use, the chair can simply hang on a wall to save storage space. This way, the user can also keep Colo close at hand.

Karl Andersson & Söner produces this natural wood folding chair in oak or ash, with different finishes. Apart from a standard stain, customers can also order it with a white glaze finish. Felt protectors ensure that the legs don’t scratch more delicate flooring surfaces. Finally, optional seat pads come in either fabric or leather. The company also offers optional wood suspension brackets in the same wood and finish as the chair, and a black trolley with metal handles and wheels that makes transporting up to 12 Colo chairs as easy as possible. Photography© Studio Dittmer.

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