A minimalist wall clock that uses geometric forms as well as light and shadow to show the time.

Founded by architects Ewa Bryzek and Allen Shakir, Copenhagen-based studio Lawa Design produces gorgeous home accessories and lighting. The two founders share not only an architectural background but also a love of simple, clean designs that are practical and playful. Named Delta, this minimalist wall clock represents the duo’s approach to product design perfectly. Understated yet also bold, the modern clock reminds of traditional sundials and Japanese origami. The sculptural dial features “folding” sections that create a play between light and shadow throughout the day. At the same time, the different angles put the textures and colors of the oak wood dial in a new light.

Each fold represents an hour, which means that this minimalist wall clock offers a creative way to tell the current time. The dial doesn’t feature any letters, numbers, or markers. At the center, two hands in a contrasting black hue indicate the hour and the minute. Delta comes with a silent movement, making it an ideal choice for either home offices or bedrooms. However, the design suits any space in a home, including an entrance hallway. The clock is easy to install on a wall and the movement works with one AA battery. This design has been included in the official MoMA store and has received the Elle Decoration Young Talents 2015 award. You can discover the Lawa Design collection, including the Delta minimalist wall clock, in the Gessato Design Store. Photography© Lawa Design.


Delta Clock

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