The Dexamenes Seaside Hotel

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An abandoned winery converted into a high-end hotel.

Located on a pristine beach in the Peloponnese region of western Greece, the Dexamenes Seaside Hotel is a high-end resort with roots to the area’s industrial past. The building dates back to the early 1900s; originally built for the production of wine from currants, it was abandoned and left in disrepair. Architecture and design firm K-studio renovated and restored the concrete structure, converting it into a seaside retreat. The architects not only preserved as much as possible from the original building, but also minimized interventions to preserve the brutalist character of the industrial design. The hotel comprises 40 suites housed in converted concrete storage tanks.

While the rooms that face the interior of the property open to a courtyard, the external suites offer views of the beach and the sea. In the courtyard, there’s a pool of shallow water with concrete slabs that lead to two preserved steel drums. Guests can enter the industrial structures and experience the way the light and acoustics play on the curved metal walls. Each concrete storage tank contains one suite with a bathroom and a private patio. The studio used reclaimed and locally sourced materials for the project, from concrete and clay bricks to bespoke ceramic tiles.

The courtyard-facing rooms feature original elements like metal pipes and manholes. Here, the studio also preserved the patina of the concrete walls. Black steel frames organize the interiors while textured glass allows natural light to filter through to the bathrooms. For the sea-front rooms, the studio designed layouts that maximize the connection to the setting. Placed in front of large sliding doors, the beds provide uninterrupted views of the beach and water. Private patios provide a cozy way to admire the landscape, while a wide promenade offers access to the beach and to the other parts of the resort. The Dexamenes Seaside Hotel also contains three dining venues, a bar, and an art gallery for exhibitions and cultural events. The resort operates from April to October, but guests can also book a stay in winter with access to limited services. Photographs© Dexamenes Seaside Hotel.

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