A furniture collection inspired by sand dunes and the passage of time.

Designed by Mexico City-based designer Joel Escalona, the Duna Collection takes inspiration from desert landscapes and their beautifully curved lines. Similarly to Escalona’s other designs, this furniture range complements its stylish design with a narrative layer. In this case, the way sand dunes reflect the flow of the wind as well as the flow of time. As time passes, the dunes change, with warm layers of sand constantly altering the landscape. To capture the warmth and beauty of a desert landscape, the designer used solid wood to craft the pieces of furniture. Made from walnut or poplar wood, the tables and benches feature natural colors in dark or light hues with organic textures and patterns.

Curved lines and asymmetric forms complement the rigidity of the thin but wide bases. The tops boast a carefully polished surface that highlights the beauty of the wood. At the same time, the finish references the effect of the wind on sand dunes. Elegant and practical, the furniture pieces also aim to recreate the sense of calm experienced while admiring the vastness of a desert and its ever-changing features. Made for furniture brand Nono, the Duna Collection comprises nesting tables, a coffee table, a bench, and a sideboard. Nono will showcase the line at the Zonamaco design fair, in an exhibition that celebrates the brand’s 10-year anniversary. The show is open between February 9-13 at Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City. If you can’t attend in person, you’ll be able to see the exhibition in an online viewing room. Photographs© Mariana Achach, Joel Escalona.

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