Förstberg Ling






Jonas Lindström

A flexible work and exhibition space designed with modular furniture.

Swedish design firm Form Us With Love has completed the interior design of its new Stockholm studio space, marking the occasion with an open doors event during this year’s Stockholm Design Week. Form Us With Love has collaborated with both architecture firm Förstberg Ling and with branding studio Figur on the project to transform the former travel agency into a multi-purpose, flexible work and exhibition space. Minimalist and bright, the Scandinavian-style interior features pale gray hues throughout, including on the walls, ceilings and floors. Large windows also flood the studio with natural light. Modular furniture made from perforated steel sheets takes inspiration from pegboard walls often used to store and display tools in garages.

Large doors slide to either connect two areas or to keep them separated. When closed, the doors divide an office, workshop and kitchen from the exhibition space at the front. Here, the studio created a display area with modular cabinets that showcase the team’s various research projects. Completed with wheels, the cabinets are easy to move from one area to another, as needed. Other designs made from perforated steel include a meeting room table and storage units for a material library. Form Us With Love collaborated with a local metal furniture manufacturer to create the sturdy and durable modular units. While made only for the studio’s headquarters, the designs may make their way into a collection in the near future. Photography © Jonas Lindström.

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