A smart and stylish exercise bike designed to take pride of place in a home.

Created by award-winning design firm Adriano Design for Italian brand Elite, the Fuoripista Bike blends architectural forms with impressive functionality. Unlike most, if not all exercise bikes, this design looks anything but bland or strictly utilitarian. The studio designed the bicycle with a sculptural ash wood frame and glass flywheel, ensuring that it looks at home in modern, high-end living spaces. At the same time, Fuoripista (which means “off-piste” in Italian) aims to provide a smart and easy way to train indoors. The company worked with professional athletes, who tested the bike before launch. Fuoripista offers a range of cutting edge technical features. They include a smart screen, a virtual coach feature, and the ability to cycle using real, virtual, or GPS racing courses.

Apart from its good looks and modern technology, the Fuoripista Bike also features premium quality materials. It comes with a solid ash wood frame with a waterproof finish, a multilayered tempered glass flywheel, and aluminum alloy levers, pedals, and knobs. Finished in leather, the handlebars and saddle complement the warmth of the hardwood base. The user can adjust both the saddle and the handlebars in height to ensure the perfect posture while working out.

The bike also features an integrated power meter, a virtual shifter, Bluetooth compatibility, and a rechargeable battery. Fuoripista comes with a 36-month subscription to Elite’s virtual training system; it’s also compatible with Zwift and other similar software. Users can easily monitor their performance data and even train alongside other people by connecting with the Elite online community. Every bike is made in Italy by craftspeople and suits indoor use as well as covered outdoor spaces. The Fuoripista Bike comes in two colors, natural wood and black. Photographs© Elite.

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