Living simply, in a clutter-free home has been a thing for a long time, but recently more and more people have embraced the minimalist lifestyle. However, that complicates things in the gift-giving department. If you’re searching for the best gift ideas for the minimalist in your life, we’re here to help. We have put together a list of minimalist gifts that range from consumables to timeless designs made to last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for someone who seemingly has everything they need or want ideas for minimalist Christmas gifts that are fun and ingenious, you’ll find a great range of options in our selection.

What gifts do you give a minimalist?

Minimalists like to keep things simple and reduce the clutter in their homes and their lives. That doesn’t mean you can’t surprise a friend with a thoughtful gift. Apart from the usual consumable items that are always a safe bet (think wine, chocolate, tea, soap, or candles) you can always find beautifully designed, minimalist products that are both timeless and versatile. Choose a gift the recipient will appreciate. To do that, it’s best to know their likes and passions or even simply to take a look at their home’s décor to get ideas.

Do minimalists accept gifts?

Every human – and every minimalist – is different. While some accept physical gifts they can unwrap and use in their home, others prefer an experience or something consumable that won’t clutter their living space. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with a well-chosen gift that fits into their lifestyle. When all fails, a spa day or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or bookstore will probably be a hit no matter what.

Choosing the right gift for a minimalist

While they share the same basic principles of living simply, not all minimalists are the same. Some accept gifts easier, while others prefer only experience-type gifts. And some love cycling and camping while others like to grow plants in their apartment or cooking every evening. Knowing what the minimalist in your life loves will make choosing a gift much easier. However, there are more neutral options, which include consumables and products that are both timeless and practical. To see what we mean, read on to uncover the gems from our list.


Jars of Dust Triangle Soap Dish

A practical gift for a minimalist bathroom.

The best minimalist gifts are unexpected. Like a soap dish that looks modern and fun. The Triangle Soap Dish from Jars of Dust has a simple geometric shape but easily creates a focal point in a bathroom. It’s perfect for standard size soaps and its shape makes it extra convenient. Our favorite version also features a two-tone design, with an eggshell body and a light brown colored edge, but you can also get this design in a warm oak color. Plus, this product is handmade from ceramic in Virginia Beach, VA.

Buy $36

Frama Perception Form

A limited edition book for minimalists.

Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary studio Frama aims to encourage mindful living with simple furniture, lighting and home accessories made with care from natural materials. Their latest book explores objects in their rawest of forms in order to change the viewer’s perception and focus their attention on the pure beauty of each artifact. Named Perception Form, this limited edition book features 35 unretouched photographs and three frame-able A4 images. The book has a natural linen hardcover and comes in a handmade fiber cardboard box made with recycled and repurposed materials. If you want to buy one as a gift, keep in mind that Frama has produced only 200 copies.

Buy $135

Sun at Six Rise Bookstand

A solid wood stand for books and magazines.

One of the best gift ideas for the minimalist who loves to keep books and magazines organized, the Sun at Six Bookstand is simple but versatile. This bookstand is handmade in the US from solid oak with traditional joinery. It has four legs that support the V-shaped shelf and a larger size that makes it ideal either for the floor or for a table. Perfect for everything from vinyl records to books or magazines, the stand allows the user to present favorite items in style. Apart from its handcrafted build, this product also features a hand-applied finish. Comes either in white oak or with a darker sienna oil finish.

Buy $290

Parafernalia Diamante Carbone

A pencil with an Italian design.

If you’re looking for minimalist Christmas gifts that are timeless and will endure, you can’t go wrong with a handmade writing tool. The Parafernalia Diamante Carbone pencil is a great choice. Designed by award-winning designer Giulio Iacchetti, this mechanical pencil has an anodized aluminum body with a knurled section. The textured surface offers a better grip and also makes the pencil a joy to use. A custom locking mechanism adjusts the graphite or keeps it in place. Handmade in Italy, this product comes in an eco-friendly cardboard box.

Buy $59

Tangent GC Shoe Care Set

A convenient set with four products.

Does your minimalist-loving friend love high-quality leather shoes? This Tangent GC Shoe Care Set might be the perfect gift. Made with four items, the set offers a complete solution to keep leather shoes in mint condition and thus extend their life. These products are made with natural materials and ingredients. The box comes with shoe grease and shoe polish as well as a light shoe brush with Paraguayan horse hair bristles. To shine shoes to a mirror finish, the set also includes an organic cotton cloth made in Italy. The set comes with a minimalist box, ready to give as a gift.

Buy $80

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 Speaker

An elegant wireless speaker.

One of the best gift ideas for the minimalist who likes listening to music is a high-quality speaker. World-famous brand Bang & Olufsen makes premium products that also look gorgeous, which makes the Beoplay A9 speaker a natural choice for our list of minimalist gifts. Understated but eye-catching, this speaker was designed by Øivind Alexander Slaatto. It features a circular shape with a Kvadrat fabric and three wooden legs. Like a piece of well-designed furniture, it looks stylish anywhere. The speaker is wireless and powerful, comes with 4.2 Bluetooth and WiFi, built-in streaming and music services, built-in Google Voice Assistant, and much more.

Buy $3399

HMM Mugr Charcoal

A handmade ceramic mug.

Meet the mug that celebrates traditional ceramic traditions and minimalist design – at the same time. Part of the HMM collection, the Mugr Charcoal mug is simple and beautiful. It has a dark color thanks to a matte glaze that gives the textured surface of Japanese ceramic the look and feel of cast iron. A curved solid walnut handle offers the perfect grip and add a warm accent to the design. Handmade by expert artisans from Taiwan and China, this mug is crafted to last. And it’s also the kind of mug that becomes a favorite for the morning coffee.

Buy $60

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

An instant classic.

Designed with a classic look but packed with new tech, the Fujifilm Brown Instax mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera is the perfect minimalist gift for photography fans. This small camera is compact and easy to hold, fits into a bag with ease, and offers a great way to capture memories. Shooting modes include party, landscape, kids, and macro, but the Instax Mini 90 also comes with a high performance flash and a double exposure mode to allow more creativity. Other features include two shutter buttons, a rechargeable battery and a tripod socket mount. We love the brown version that gives this small instant camera a more retro look, but you can also order it in black or red.

Buy $160

Arne Jacobsen Edition Cutlery Set

An iconic cutlery design.

Chances are, your friend who loves minimalist gifts also likes Scandinavian design. And what could be better than a product created by none other than Arne Jacobsen? Ideal as a housewarming gift, the Georg Jensen Silver Arne Jacobsen Edition Cutlery Set comes with 24 pieces. Each one of them is a gem. Made from stainless steel, the set has a matte finish and elegant lines. Cutting-edge at the time of its launch in 1957, the set looks innovative today. While designed without any unnecessary details, this minimalist cutlery set will always shine at the dining table.

Buy $79

Hasami Porcelain Black HPB21 Mug

A porcelain mug made with hand-glazing.

Made by Hasami Porcelain, a company based in Nagasaki, Japan, where ceramics and pottery traditions go back to 400 years, this mug will make any minimalist design lover smile. That’s because it’s elegantly simple and beautifully crafted at the same time. Handmade from crushed stone porcelain, the mug boasts a hand-applied glaze and a gorgeous texture. As each product is crafted by hand, every one is one of a kind and may feature slightly different hues and finishes. The mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Plus, it also stacks with other Hasami Porcelain Black HPB21 mugs.

Buy $33

The Big Block Ae Gi Super Mild Soap

An unscented soap suitable for all skin types.

Soap is one of the most versatile gift ideas for the minimalist who doesn’t want traditional gifts. With the BINU BINU The Big Block Ae Gi Super Mild Soap, you can still surprise a loved one, as this soap is unlike any others. For one, its size. This soap has a cubic form and weighs 1 lbs, which means that it will last much longer than standard sizes. However, it’s also made with quality ingredients. Fragrance-free, the soap has a carefully balanced blend of 100% natural ingredients. Among them, rice milk that soothes the skin and shea butter that softens it. Yes, this soap suits all types of skin, even sensitive skin, hence the name that refers to the Korean word for “baby.”

Buy $75

I–AD Everyday Watch

A timeless watch.

Glasgow-based Instrmnt Applied Design (I-AD) is a multidisciplinary design studio and brand that makes beautifully minimalist watches and accessories. Their Everyday Watch is a great choice if you need gift ideas for the minimalist in your life. Clean and understated, this watch is versatile and – well – timeless. It has a minimal dial inspired by industrial designs from the mid 20th century, with simple line markers, three hands, and a discreet date window. The brand paired the utilitarian aesthetic with quality Swiss and German parts. The Everyday Watch comes with a Swiss quartz movement, a 40mm stainless steel case, and a German-made strap. Plus, each timepiece comes in custom, plastic-free and 100% biodegradable packaging.

Buy $225

B.Yoga Yoga the Cork Block 3

A lightweight, 100% natural yoga block.

Courtesy of B.Yoga, this is one of the best minimalist gifts for yoga fans. The Cork Block 3 has a rectangular shape with smooth, rounded edges to offer excellent support while doing yoga. Made from 100% natural cork, the block is lightweight but sturdy. While smaller than standard yoga block, this design offers the same level of support. The material is specially chosen, not only for its lightweight feel and natural colors and textures, but also because cork is naturally anti-microbial. Great to give as a single piece or in a pair.

Buy $22

Maison Balzac Essential Oil Burner

A borosilicate glass oil burner.

One of the best minimalist Christmas gifts, the Maison Balzac Essential Oil Burner can create a warm atmosphere in a home all year round. Like its name suggests, this product is an essential accessory for those who want to enhance the ambience of a room with a beautiful scent. Versatile and simple, the oil burner works with a standard tea light. Igniting the tea light heats up the upper vessel that holds water and a few drops of oil burner blend, sending a stream of perfumed air into a home. Crafted to last, the oil burner is made from durable, mouth-blown borosilicate glass. Available in different hues, including smoke and amber, this oil burner comes with an Australian beeswax candle.

Buy $59

Guru’s Roomshoes Quilted Houseshoe

A gift for those who love comfort.

Whether coming home after a long day or working in a home office, having a good pair of house shoes is a must. So it’s natural that we’ve included the Guru’s Roomshoes Quilted Houseshoe on our list of best minimalist gifts. Handmade in Spain from quality materials, this home footwear features a quilted upper with a diamond pattern and a soft, fleece midsole. A rubber outsole offers a great grip, even on more slippery surfaces like polished wooden floors. Finally, the heel pull tab makes putting these shoes on and taking them off easier.

Buy $25

Biocol Labs The Hypochondriac

A tongue-in-cheek gift.

If you’re looking for a more fun gift for the minimalist in your life, you’ll probably like The Hypochondriac from Lisbon-based Biocol Labs. Perfect for those friends who are health anxious but can take the joke, this set comprises two plant-based health essentials. One of them focuses on strengthening immunity; it comes with seven ampoules made with a blend of shiitake, echinacea, and acerola berry extracts. The other is specially made to soothe sore throats; this spray contains propolis, Iceland moss and essential oils.

Buy $45

Max Bill Automatic Bauhaus Watch

A must-have for Bauhaus fans.

For Bauhaus lovers, this is one of the best minimalist Christmas gifts you can find. Part of the Junghans collection, the Max Bill Automatic Bauhaus Watch is elegant and timeless. Celebrating the architect and designer who inspired its name, the timepiece features an understated dial with refined details. Naturally, the dial is minimal and features stylish gray markers and hands as well as red accents. A convex sapphire crystal features an anti-reflection finish on both sides. Through the exhibition back, you can admire the self-winding caliber J800.1 movement. Other features include an environmentally-friendly luminous coating on the hands and a calf leather strap.

Buy $1400

Tekla Fabrics Organic Terry Towel

A high-quality and durable organic towel.

When you’re out of gift ideas for the minimalist in your life, a high-quality, essential product they would use frequently is a good choice. Like this Organic Terry Towel from Tekla Fabrics. Made in Portugal from 100% organic cotton, this soft towel has a heavy 600-gram weave that absorbs water efficiently. Extra-thick but gentle on the skin, the fabric also features double-stitched hems and closed corners to last longer. The organic cotton is Oeko-Tex certified and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. We like the fun, fresh look of the green striped version, but you can get this towel in a huge range of colors.

Buy $22

Craighill Cloud Planter

A versatile cork planter.

Creating the ideal minimalist home also includes choosing the right home accessories. For those who love plants and having greenery around all year round, this Cloud Planter is the perfect option. Made in a collaboration between Craighill and Lichen, this planter is minimalist and simply beautiful. It has a rounded shape with a beveled edge and a natural cork build. A renewable material, cork is sustainable, durable, lightweight, and tactile. This planter also features a waterproof resin mixed throughout the agglomerated cork material. Measuring 6.5″ x 7.5″, this cork planter is perfect for smaller and medium-sized plants.

Buy $45

Parafernalia Falter 2D

A DIY-style pen.

Meet one of the most inspired gift ideas for the minimalist who loves DIY stuff. Designed by Albert Ebenbichler for Parafernalia, the Falter 2D pen comes with an assembly kit. The user needs to assemble the writing tool with the included key in four steps. Apart from this fun detail, the pen is multi-functional as it also comes with a pen holder and a ruler. Handmade in Italy from steel, this is the kind of pen that becomes a favorite and stands the test of time. Just remember to include a few P900 Stroke M Parker refills with the gift.

Buy $39

Graypants Wick

A creative lamp inspired by candle holders.

Contemporary design fans who appreciate creative gifts will love the Wick portable lamp. Taking inspiration from traditional candle holders, this light features a carrying handle. The design reminds of a candle placed in a holder, but this light will not flicker with a draft or burn away. Wick works with a rechargeable battery and also has a practical USB-C cord. It’s perfect for any space, from living rooms and bedrooms to gardens or restaurant and coffee shop terraces. Designed in Seattle, this portable lamp is made from plated aluminum and has an acrylic top that makes the LED glow with a warm light.

Buy $149

3 Piece Cutlery Set

A practical set for camping.

Some of the best minimalist gifts are the ones that fit into one’s lifestyle perfectly. This 3 Piece Cutlery Set from Japan is an ideal choice for those who love camping, traveling, or picnics. Minimal and multi-functional, the set comes with a spoon, knife, and fork. The knife has a notch to double as a bottle opener. Plus, the design of the three pieces makes them easier to carry as they fit together perfectly. Both the fork and the knife fit inside the spoon, which protects them like a case while traveling. Made in Japan, in an area renowned for quality metal cutlery and tableware, this set is crafted from durable stainless steel.

Buy $24

Craighill Tetra Puzzle

A head-scratching but fun puzzle.

Go creative with a gift they’ll not expect. Like this Craighill Tetra Puzzle. Doubling as a desk sculpture, this 3D puzzle is as beautiful as it is ingenious. It’s probably one of the best gift ideas for the minimalist who likes both puzzles and creative designs. Tetra has four pieces that come together to create a pyramidal object. Finding out the solution is more challenging than it looks at a glance, which makes solving the puzzle that more satisfying. Made from stainless steel, the puzzle comes in two versions: with a brushed or a PVD black coated finish.

Buy $98

Viva Bicycle Bell

A vintage-inspired gift.

Adding a retro touch to a bicycle is easy with the Viva Bicycle Bell from Japanese brand Viva Bicycle Accessories. Designer Oji Masanori kept things simple. A great minimalist gift for those who like vintage-style designs, this bell is fun and stylish at the same time. It’s made without plastic parts and comes in three finishes, although we love the brass version best. The sound is strong but pleasant and even melodious. The bell comes with an adjustable screw fastening system that fits handlebars measuring from 21.1 to 23.8 mm in diameter.

Buy $22

Aquart Outdoor Shower

A great addition to a backyard.

Whether it’s a house by a lake or a home in an urban neighborhood, having an outdoor shower offers a great way to create that beach retreat feel. This one from Seletti also looks fantastic anywhere. It’s one of the best gift ideas for the minimalist who loves the outdoors. Inspired by industrial design, Aquart combines a curved copper shower with a cylindrical concrete base. A red knob gives another nod to the industrial aesthetic, but with hints of vintage cues. Completed with a polished finish, this outdoor shower will be a highlight in any garden or backyard. Like all Seletti products, this one features a blend of quality materials: copper, concrete, and stainless steel.

Buy $389

Stone Door Stopper

A design inspired by Japan.

Minimalist and beautifully crafted, this Stone Door Stopper is one of the greatest gift ideas for the minimalist who loves Japanese-style designs and objects. The door stopper blends contemporary and traditional cues with a simple circular shape and a combination of natural, rustic materials. While the stopper itself is made from granite “aji” stone, the handle is manufactured from natural fiber in a sturdy rope. Both materials have unique textures and hues, meaning that each product is one of a kind. Plus, the craftsmanship and quality build make the Stone Door Stopper as durable as it is beautiful.

Buy $95

Andrej Urem Milk Candle

A sculptural, organic candle.

Candles are probably the most reliable gifts, but that also makes them predictable. Well, we have some good news for you. Now you can surprise a friend with a striking candle that looks like a sculpture. Part of artist Andrej Urem’s AU Collection, the Milk Candle has an eye-catching design with droplet-like nodules that reference architectural forms. Made in Brooklyn, each candle is carefully hand-poured  to ensure a perfect result and comes with a cotton wick. This 100% organic soy wax candle is also unscented, making it a versatile gift.

Buy $35

Craft Design Technology Eraser

A perfect small gift for creatives.

From artists to writers and architects, using a pencil is second nature. This Craft Design Technology Eraser offers an easy way to remove mistakes and correct lines, words, and numbers. Designed by Craft Design Technology (CDT) and made in Japan, each eraser features a high-polymer composition that minimizes abrasion on the surface of the paper. Efficient but gentle, this eraser is a great gift for the minimalist who still uses a classic pencil to write, draw, and create. Available with a Pale Green sleeve.

Buy $2.50

Matter Made F/K/A

A colorful lamp.

Brighten up the day of a loved one with a gift they’ll remember a lifetime. Designed by Jonah Takagi for Matter Made, the F/K/A lamp is vibrant and fun. It comes with three main elements, and each one of them comes in different colors. This opens up a huge range of customization possibilities, meaning that you can choose between 64 different combinations. Every F/K/A lamp is made to order in New York. It features a spun aluminum shade, a steel tripod base, and a fabric wrapped cord. The ideal table lamp for those who love fun and colorful designs.

Buy $950

Georg Jensen Sky Water Bottle

An elegant water bottle.

We’d like to introduce you to one of the most elegant water bottles you can find. Created by Aurélien Barbry for Georg Jensen, Sky is both practical and refined. It boasts a gracefully curved shape that also serves a functional purpose as it’s ergonomic and comfortable to hold. A calf leather strap makes attaching the lid easier and also adds a warm accent to the design. If that’s not enough, the stainless steel water bottle also boasts a mirror finish. However, if you want more vibrant gifts ideas for the minimalist in your life, you can also find it in BPA-free plastic with a matte finish and in colors like blue, rose or green.

Buy $69

JIU Frying Pan Beech Handle

A versatile pan that doubles as a plate.

For the friend that loves 2-in-1 designs and cooking, we have the perfect minimalist gift. Created in a collaboration between design studio TENT and family-owned metalworking company Fujita Metal MFG, JIU is an ingenious and versatile frying pan. The wide rim and detachable handle allow the user to quickly convert the pan into a plate, thus saving time and keeping food hot and ready to eat. Handmade in Japan by experienced craftspeople, JIU features an iron build to last a lifetime and comes with a solid beech wood handle. The skillfully crafted pan works on gas stoves, induction cooktops, and ovens. Available in small and medium versions.

Buy $90

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