An abandoned farmhouse transformed into a place for reflection, seminars, and nature contemplation.

Located in a Bavarian forest near Arnbruck, Germany, House at Schedlberg is a special architecture project that reinvents an abandoned farmhouse. Architect Peter Haimerl transformed the old building into a concrete, glass, and wood structure open to creatives, artists, thinkers, and visitors. The building stood in ruins in a meadow, at the edge of the forest. Nature started reclaiming the structure, with animals using the interior for shelter. While renovated and refurbished, the new building still maintains its old character.

The new elements mix with the old in a sculptural form. One half of the house boasts the original wooden walls. The other features interlocked concrete blocks arranged in an asymmetric pattern. Past and present come together to continue the narrative of the farmhouse as a traditional dwelling that embraces a new age. The building embraces its history while welcoming visitors into a space that celebrates architecture and the natural setting.

The owner didn’t want to sell the dilapidated house, but agreed to lease it for the next 30 years. While the architect‘s design looks more like an artwork than a living space, the house still offers a range of modern comforts. The interior contains a bed, table, oven, and stove, plus access to WiFi. However, House at Schedlberg acts mainly as a space for reflection, creative work, nature contemplation, workshops, and seminars. Photographs© Edward Beierle.

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