The Huygens Dome Wall Clock

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A contemporary wall clock that subtly references vintage timepieces.

Amsterdam-based, Dutch clock brand Huygens designs and produces timepieces that pay homage to Christiaan Huygens, the “father of all clocks” and inventor of the pendulum. The new Dome wall clock from the company’s collection also celebrates vintage designs, but in a subtle way. Like its name suggests, this timepiece has a curved element. The glass cover boasts a convex shape that gives a nod to age-old clocks and watches while also lending an elegant look to the minimal dial. Speaking of the dial, Huygens used a simple design that is both easy to read from a distance and versatile. The two black hands match the width of the hour markers and stand out against the white dial. They also feature the Dome wall clock’s only color accent: a bright red dot in the center. Around the edge of the dial, rectangular sections indicate the minutes.

Like all Huygens timepieces, the Dome wall clock comes with a silent quartz movement. This means that the timepiece doesn’t make a sound and thus suits areas in a home where silence matters, like a bedroom, office, or studio. It also works well in a larger office, meeting room, or even commercial or hospitality settings. The clock measures 25 cm or 9.8″ in diameter. Designed in the Netherlands, the Dome wall clock features a high-quality build. Indeed, the company offers a 5-year warranty for each product. To make the clock, Huygens uses premium materials that are also easily recyclable. Plus, the company has registered the design to give customers the assurance that each wall clock is an authentic Huygens product. Photography © Huygens.

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Dome Wall Clock

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