A cookware line that celebrates the legacy of an iconic sports car designer.

Sports cars first dazzle with their good looks before they can impress with their performance. And some of them even look like works of art on four wheels. Did you ever wonder what would happen if a famous sports car designer decided to create range of everyday products? Well, we can shed a light on that with the Pininfarina Stile cookware collection.

Founded in 1930 by Battista “Pinin” Farina, Pininfarina became an iconic car design firm in Italy and beyond. In 1947, Battista Farina designed Cisitalia 202, one of the few automobiles to appear in an exhibition at MoMA. From 1952, the designer began a collaboration with Ferrari that would ultimately define his career and cement his legacy as one of the most influential designers in the world.

PININ FARINA. Born Battista Farina in 1893 and officially renamed Battista Pininfarina in 1961. Source: Pininfarina

Italian style means sense of proportions, simplicity and harmony of line, such that after a considerable time, there is still something which is more alive than just a memory of beauty,” said Battista Farina. The Pininfarina Stile collection follows the same design principles. This cookware line blends pure forms and clean lines in an elegant and harmonious design that brings timeless Italian style to modern interiors. Put more simply, the pots and pans from the range look too good to be stored in a cabinet, away from sight. Indeed, the line has received a prestigious 2018 Red Dot Design Award.

The Stile collection includes pots and pans as well as a pasta insert and a milk pot. Made in Italy from stainless steel, the products feature a matte brushed finish and rounded silhouettes. Handles with an angular design and a glossy finish add a stylish and modern touch to the designs. The handles also provide excellent grip and make moving the pots as comfortable as possible thanks to their rounded edges. The lids mirror the shape of the pots with a rounded form; when placed on top of the pots, they create a seamless design.

Designed to both enhance kitchens and make cooking easier, the Stile pots come with an extra-thick bottom that ensures an even heat distribution and heat retention. The bottom has a rounded shape to reduce the risk of scratches on delicate surfaces on induction or ceramic hobs. The frying pans and wok boast a premium quality non-stick coating. Finally, the laser engraved Pininfarina logo will remain on the handles forever without fading. As a mark of the products’ quality, the company offers a lifetime warranty for the Stile cookware collection. It’s a perfect range for design lovers, cooking enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the distinctive elegance of Italian design.

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