Coava Coffee Roasters

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A specialty coffee brand that puts ‘art’ in artisan coffee.

Founded by veteran barista and roaster Matt Higgins in his garage back in 2008, Coava Coffee Roasters has become one of the most popular specialty coffee shops in Portland, Oregon. The brand has expanded over the years, with several cafes opening throughout the city. A coffee shop in San Diego, California, soon followed. By creating long-lasting partnerships with dedicated farmers, Coava Coffe Roasters can produce premium coffee in a socially responsible way. Focused on exquisite quality and sustainability, Coava offers coffee that aims to delight both experienced baristas and everyday java drinkers. And it does so in style.

The flagship store on 1300 SE Grand Ave, Portland, has an industrial decor that features a blend of concrete, steel, and wood. Located on the premises, the brand’s original roasting machine still roasts coffee occasionally. Large windows flood the large space with natural light, while minimalist lighting gives a warm glow to the space. Coava on Hawthorne features a comfortable lounge area where coffee lovers can feel at home while relaxing on a couch by the fireplace. The Jefferson St. coffee shop has two stories, a living wall, and generous seating in a wide, open space. The stylish San Diego cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating. Inside, the decor combines rich brown wood, black and gray metal accents, concrete, and greenery.

Located only a few blocks away from the flagship location, the new Coava Public Brew Bar and Roastery offers a glimpse into the company’s state-of-the-art roastery. Safe to say, this place is a treat for specialty coffee fans who want to immerse themselves into the aromas, sights, and sounds of a coffee manufacturing plant. The huge space on 1015 SE Main St is a 13,000-square-foot former warehouse that dates back to 1926. Completely transformed over the course of two years, the interior features an industrial design as well as subtle rustic touches. Stepping inside, customers discover a large space with several areas. The small coffee shop near the front entrance provides a limited number of seats, but all of them offer a great view of the roastery area and machinery.

Regardless of location, Coava’s coffee shops have simple menus that focus on freshly roasted, single-origin coffees. Customers can order pour-over coffee or cold brews from tap keg system. Other items include in-house made sparkling tea, house-made Madagascar vanilla, and artisan pastries from local bakeries. Occasionally, the menus also include limited-edition coffee and exclusive micro-lots. Photographs©

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