A delicious bean-to-bar chocolate collection made with organic extra-virgin olive oil.

In 2010, multiple Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller and Italian olive oil producer Armando Manni decided to collaborate on a food-based project. Their goal? To create a superior chocolate bar. Years of research and development later, and after bringing chocolatier Chi Bui on board, they launched K+M, a collection of bean-to-bar chocolate that combines high-quality cacao beans and extra-virgin olive oil. Using organic olive oil instead of adding extra cocoa butter ensures that the chocolate has a silky, velvety and extra-creamy texture as well as a more intense flavor and more antioxidants.

To make the chocolate, the brand uses only the highest quality cacao beans, sourced from small, family-owned and run farms. K + M collaborates with farmers from Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Madagascar, and Venezuela. After roasting the beans, the company grounds and molds each bar by hand in small batches. The K + M collection includes both single-origin chocolate and custom bean blends with high-quality ingredients. The range also includes bean-to-cup hot chocolate which features the same cacao beans that go into the brand’s premium Extravirgin bars.

Made in Napa Valley, California, the chocolate comes in various flavors made with classic or more surprising ingredients. Most of them are also organic. Flavors include truffle fries, yuzu, and golden milk as well as citrus, peppermint, winter spice, or coffee and sea salt. Finally, the packaging is simple and elegant, with bold colors or clean, black and white palettes. Plus, each chocolate comes with packaging made from recycled paper and compostable foil. Safe to say, this makes the K + M collection both delicious and sustainable. Photographs© Keller & Manni Chocolate.

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