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Furniture and tableware created during lockdown within 1km of the designers’ homes.

Curated by Barcelona-based designer Sanna Völker, the Km Zero collection features seven designs created during the Covid-19 lockdown. The project explores both the opportunities and the constraints brought on by the current restrictions. To bring their products to life, the seven designers used materials sourced from around 1km of their homes. They also completed the products within the same distance. Thus, the project highlights the benefits and challenges of hyper-local production. Being forced to work in such a small area became a revelation as some designers quickly found skilled artisans close to their home. The collection features furniture pieces along with accessories and tableware.

Sanna Völker designed the Presence teapot with a cylindrical form and a rounded rim. The height of the ceramic object enhances the tea brewing experience by slowing down the process. As water drips through the strainer, it prolongs the steeping stage and also produces a soothing sound. As a result, Presence invites the user to slow down and enjoy a sensory tea making ritual. Turbina Studio designed a range of fired clay and cast stone plates and bowls that use materials and techniques from the distant past to bring sustainable design to modern living.

Júlia Esqué’s Indoor Landscapes of vessels feature waste metal offcuts shaped into rectangular forms. The Km Zero collection also includes furniture. Marta Ayala Herrera’s wood bench references isolation and features two sets that also depend on each other structurally to stand on the base. Paula Clavería used reclaimed granite and rubble to craft the No2 Stool, while Omayra Maymó designed the 1927 stool with a grass fiber rope that wraps around the frame. Finally, Isaac Piñeiro’s wood bench makes the most of repurposed bent laminated wood from his studio. Photographs© David Leon Fiene.

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