La Fabrique du Ski

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Artisan-quality skis crafted with a custom touch.

Nothing compares to a tailor-made product, whether it’s a custom bike or an Italian suit. In a similar way to Wagner Custom, La Fabrique du Ski aims to provide an alternative in the ski industry. The brand can trace its roots back to the year 2013. Founder Christian Alary was working for a popular snowboard and ski brand in the US at the time, but decided return to France and establish his own company. To bring his vision to life, he partnered with designers Erik Arlen and Ludo Roth, co-founders of the ARRO studio. In 2014, La Fabrique du Ski was born. Based in the picturesque Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, in he heart of the French Alps, La Fabrique du Ski designs, develops, and makes high-performance skis. The company even has its own factory, located a few minutes away from the slopes.

Based in the picturesque Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, in he heart of the French Alps, La Fabrique du Ski designs, develops, and makes high-performance skis.

The innovative brand puts an emphasis on a bespoke service and expert craftsmanship, providing artisan-quality products to skiing fans. A patented, cutting-edge process allows the team to craft tailor-made skis to suit the specific riding style of every customer. Using a flexible approach as well as a range of premium materials, La Fabrique du Ski offers a premium alternative to mass produced products. A simple distribution channel that eliminates intermediaries also allows the brand to create a close rapport with the customer and provide exceptional skis at an affordable price.

The company’s workshop produces a range of designs, all ready for customization. The collection includes everything from track and freestyle to slalom and touring skis. This year, La Fabrique du Ski also made the news thanks to an Olympic feat. At the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games, freestyle skier Marie Martinod won her second silver medal, in the Half-Pipe category. Photographs© Thomas Lang. Via v2com.

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