electric motorcycles

Over the past few years, electric motorcycles have transformed from a novelty or even sacrilegious idea into a more common  concept. However, they’re still in the minority on city streets where traditional builds continue to reign supreme. As more and more bike workshops begin to design and make custom builds with electric motors, the range of designs starts to grow. On this page, we have gathered some of the best electric motorcycles we could find, from all over the world. They are all completed by talented custom builders, and each bike shows off their technical skill and creativity.

Our selection of electric motorcycles features a huge array of designs, from classic builds with vintage cues to futuristic creations that take the electric concept to a new level. Some builds look traditional, while others wear their modern soul with pride. All of them display the talent of imaginative custom builders, whether it’s a specially designed tank that pays homage to vintage motorcycles or 3D-printed parts with a sculptural silhouette.

When it comes to electric motorcycles, finding a distinctive design is easy, as workshops usually try to move away from the traditional look. Even classic styles have a daring, bold design. Many modern concepts offer a refreshing take on custom motorcycle builds. Creative details include exposed battery packs, wooden seats that curve to highlight the missing fuel tank, or minimalist and clean metal elements with a structured, industrial style. Regardless of their design and even electric motors, these motorcycles offer the same thrill and excitement of their fuel-guzzling cousins.

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