The Lemnos Hola Clock

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Inspired by heavenly bodies, this minimalist clock gives a deeper meaning to the passage of time.

Originally introduced in 1988, the Hola clock from Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki made waves with its understated design but modern and creative concept. The timepiece became a huge success and found its way into the permanent collections of prestigious museums like MoMa and the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Over the years, the Lemnos wall clock received a range of awards. The Good Design Long Life Design Award 2000 (Japan) marked the re-launch of the timepiece. In 2006, Lemnos released a new series to celebrate the designer’s “Artificial heart: Kazuo Kawasaki Exhibition” held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, in Kanazawa.

As captivating as ever, the Hola clock looks more like an artwork than a useful tool that shows the time. It features a clean, minimalist aesthetic with subtle detailing. The creative design references heavenly bodies; it aims to remind of the way people used the movement of celestial objects to know the time. The clock also puts the passage the time in a new perspective, as an element of the Universe. Instead of two hands, the dial rotates to indicate the hour with a delicate dimple, while a long hand marks the minute. Made from ABS resin and glass, the Lemnos Hola clock comes in several colors. Apart from White and Black, it’s also available in bolder options like Dark Red, Dark Green, and Dark Blue. Choose your favorite in the Gessato Design Store.

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