A wall clock inspired by the concepts of Zen and mindfulness.

Japanese brand Lemnos collaborates with talented designers to create minimalist wall clocks and timepieces that always tell a story. Designed by Makoto Koizumi in 2004 and now brought back into production, Kehai aims to bring a sense of calm to living spaces and offices. The clock takes inspiration from the concepts of mindfulness and Zen, bringing together the idea of time and movement in a creative design. Minimalist and distinctive at the same time, the timepiece features a frosted glass front that blurs the silhouettes of the hour and minute hands. A red dot represents the second hand, which moves smoothly as well as silently thanks to the sweep second feature.

Handcrafted with care, the Kehai wall clock comes with a custom aluminum frame made in Japan with a casting technique. On the front, there’s a translucent Japanese glass. Lemnos offers the design in three versions. Apart from standard white, this minimalist wall clock also comes in light yellow and gray hues. The design suits both residential spaces and offices. Wherever it’s installed, however, the Kehai clock adds a decorative accent to any space. Its silent movement, blurred hands, and red dot that moves around the edge of the dial encourage users to see and feel the passage of time from a more serene perspective. Photographs © Ryoukan Abe, Lemnos.

Kehai Wall Clock

Designer: Kaoto Koizumi Price: $170 Shop Now
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